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Being a wery reg'lar gen'l'm'n, he din'd ev'ry day at the same place, where it was one-and-nine to cut off the joint, and a wery good one-and-nine's worth he used to cut, as the landlord often said, with the tears a-tricklin' down his face, let alone the way he used to poke the fire in the vinter time, which wos a dead loss o' four-pence ha'penny a day, to say nothin' at all o' the aggrawation o' seein' him do it.

"S'pose I might as well get supper, though there ain't much to get," said the wife. "There's nothin' in the house but corn-meal, so I'll bile some mush. An'," she continued, with a peculiar look at her husband, "there ain't anythin' else for breakfast, though Deacon Quickset's got lots of hens layin' eggs ev'ry day.

A sunny day succeeds the night; It's summer then it snows! Right oft goes wrong and wrong comes right, As ev'ry wise man knows." The Captive King One morning, just as the royal party was finishing breakfast, a servant came running to say that a great fleet of boats was approaching the island from the south.

It's curi's," he reflected, "I didn't used to mind what I rode behind, nor who done the drivin', but I'd have to admit that as I git older I prefer to do it myself, I ride ev'ry once in a while with fellers that c'n drive as well, an' mebbe better, 'n I can, an' I know it, but if anythin' turns up, or looks like it, I can't help wishin' 't I had holt o' the lines myself."

For this would be an endless and puerile attempt, and is justly ridiculed by Lucilius, when he introduces Scaevola thus reflecting upon Albucius: "As in the checquer'd pavement ev'ry square Is nicely fitted by the mason's care: So all thy words are plac'd with curious art, And ev'ry syllable performs its part."

"She war up and out d'rectly in the mornin', fixed her own lunchen, talked clever a few words to Aunt Sue, petted ther dog a little, and asked him questions as though he'd been a kid; stopped on the way out ter tie up a rose bush, 'nd so she came and went ev'ry day, and though I didn't realize it then, ther house war brighter when she war ther, and darker when she war gone.

"The hours I spent with thee, dear heart, Are as a string of pearls to me; I count them over, ev'ry one apart, My rosary, my rosary. Each hour a pearl " Jane got no further. Garth had risen. He spoke no word; but he was coming blindly over to the piano. She turned on the music-stool, her arms held out to receive him. Now he had found the woodwork. His hand crashed down upon the bass.

"Jason!" screamed his wife, backing away. "Pooh! 'T ain't nothin' to fret over," retorted Jason airily. "Besides, you've got 'em too ev'ry one has; see!" He finished by snatching up the book and spreading before her horrified eyes the pictured figure with its scarlet, vine-like tracings. "Oh-h!" shivered the woman, and fled from the room.

"The Lord knows; I don't." "And is THAT what they're crying for in there? because they've got to go?" "Sure!" "But isn't there anything, anywhere, that can be done to stop it?" "I don't see how, kid, not unless some one ponies up with the money 'fore next Sat'day, an' a thousand o' them things don't grow on ev'ry bush," he finished, gently patting the coin in his hand.

He wheeled the chair up and down, but he sang to soothe Grandpa to sleep. And this time his song was all of his great new happiness: "Oh, I got a book! I got a book! I got a book! Oh, Mrs. Kukor, she give it t' me! And it's awful grand! Once it was a man's, and his name was Hunter I wonder if he lost it, or maybe somebody sold it on him. I'm goin' t' read it till I know ev'ry word!

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