I do confess that I don't half like it, but, after all, what have we got to do weth the opinions of owld aunts or uncles? If a gurl do choose to go off wi' the man she likes, that's no matter to we, an' if I be well paid for lendin' a hand, why shouldn't I? But it do puzzle me, Mr Tregarthen, to guess how yow did come to knaw of it." "That don't signify," said Tregarthen sternly.

"Very tall and bony," I answered. "Ah! sax feet, and more? and a yard across? but a was starved, a was a' thin, though, maybe, when yow sawn un? and beautiful fine hair, hadn't a, like a lass's?" "The man I knew had red hair," quoth I. "Ow, ay, an' that it wor, red as a rising sun, and the curls of un like gowlden guineas! And thou knew'st Billy Porter! To think o' that, noo."

Then he put his pipe solemnly on the hob, and cleared his throat for action, while I buried my face in the book. "Them's a sight o' larned beuks, Muster Mackaye?" "Humph!" "Yow maun ha' got a deal o' scholarship among they, noo?" "Humph!" "Dee yow think, noo, yow could find out my boy out of un, by any ways o' conjuring like?" "By what?"

But I don't think he'll come again." "Did you hit him?" "Hit him, sir? What with that there stone? Not I. Nobody couldn't hit him with stick or stone neither. Keepers can't even hit him with their guns, or he'd been a dead 'un long ago. He's the slipperest dog as ever was." "Hy yow ow oo ooo!" came from a distance a pitiful cry that was mournful in the extreme. "Hear that, sir?"

"After all, most experience is worth while," he said. "Sit down and rest you will stay, all of you, won't you? For the night? There is some food left." Scott and Li Yow walked away with the horses to the barn which stood not a great way from the house, surrounded by a good-sized corral. Polly sank into an easy chair which commanded through a window a view of a part of the living-room.

Yap yow eaow yeaow yap snif xquiz; and, after a good deal of panting and distress, he at last yawned so wide as nearly to dislocate his jaws, sneezed once or twice, and then trotted off on three legs, with his half a tail tucked up underneath, and lay down disconsolate in an ash-hole. 'Oh, how distressing it is, said he, 'to be bewitched by a bad woman! It metamorphoses one entirely.

Light a lanthorn, some one, and put in a spare candle. You'll go with me, Hickathrift?" "Ay, squire, to the end of the world, if thou bids me; but I tell ye " He stopped short. "Well, what, man? Here, drink!" "Efter yow, squire," said the big fellow sturdily. "I tell ye that no mortal man, nor no two men, couldn't take that punt across to Grimsey in the dark to-night.

Yow wald nocht be heir to bring a judgment from Chryst upon the King, and thus falslie and unjustlie to vex and accuse the fathfull servants of God!"

"I should feel heart-whole, if so be as yow would throw the noorse a'ter the bottles, and the 'pothecary a'ter the noorse, and oorder me a pound of chops for my dinner, for I be so hoongry, I could eat a horse behind the saddle." The apothecary, seeing what passed, retired of his own accord, holding up his hands in sign of astonishment. The nurse was dismissed in the same breath.

As near as I could make out, one fellow screamed, 'Shame, boy, taking an unfair advantage of poor starving wolves! It seemed as if another fellow yelled, 'You young coward! A third cried, 'Oh, yes, you think you're safe, do you? A fourth, 'Yow yow but we can wait till you come down!" Grandpapa mimicked the wolfish voices and looks so effectively that Jenny was rather alarmed.