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Try one more glass of the '47 port. Stop; you'll excuse me; I am a man of business; I don't doubt your word; Heaven forbid! but, do you happen to have any document you can produce, in further confirmation of what you state; namely, that you have passed your final examination at the University?" "Certainly, sir;" replied young Wardlaw. "My Testamur." "What is that?"

It was written in his own large, clear, formal hand. General Rolleston tried to falter out his thanks. John Wardlaw interrupted him. "Next to you I am her father; am I not?" "You have proved it." "Well, then. However, if you do find her, as I pray to God you may, I claim the second kiss, mind that; not for myself, though; for my poor Arthur, that lies on a sick-bed for her."

Catherine slowly raised her beautiful large eyes upon him. Robert, looking at her with a qualm, saw an expression he was learning to dread flash across the face. 'I have my Sunday school at that time, Mr. Wardlaw. I am a Churchwoman. The tone had a touch of hauteur Robert had hardly ever heard from his wife before. It effectually stopped all further conversation.

"Come, come," said he, "this is the law of Nature, and must be submitted to with a good grace. Wardlaw junior, fill your glass." His voice wavered slightly in uttering this benediction; but only for a moment. He then sat quietly down, and sipped his wine composedly. Not so the other.

There is an anxiety among us just now to have letters from Jamaica from my dear dear Bro but the packet is only 'expected. The last accounts were comforting ones; and I am living on the hope of seeing him back again in the spring. Stormie and Georgie are doing well at Glasgow. So Dr. Wardlaw says.... Henrietta's particular love to you; and do believe me always, Your affectionate E.B. BARRETT.

Wardlaw was particular about them, and I feel responsible like, having shipped them aboard another vessel." "Have you not the captain's receipt?" "That I have, sir, at home. But you could hardly read it for salt water." "Well," said Wardlaw senior, "I will direct our agent at Liverpool to look after them, and send them up at once to my cellars in Fenchurch Street.

"I will not be so cruel, fond lover," said old Wardlaw, laughing, and took up his hat and gloves to go. Arthur went to the door with him in great anxiety, lest he should question Burtenshaw. But, peering into the outer office, he observed Burtenshaw was not there. Michael had caught his employer's anxious look and conveyed the banker into the small room where the short-hand writer was at work.

Why, she is a veritable fashion plate!" "I don't see how you can say that, Mrs. Wardlaw. She certainly looks very neat and up to date in everything she puts on, but I can't see where there is any fashion plate about her. I call her a very sensible little woman, just the kind of a wife Brother Strong needs."

"You asked whether I had examined the food," he remarked, pausing in a corner before several cages in which were a number of pigeons, separated and carefully tagged. With a wave of his hand at one group of cages he continued: "These fellows I have been feeding exclusively on samples of the various foods which I took from the Wardlaw family when I first went up there.

Only what makes me a little uneasy, your bills used to be always on your own forms, and so I told my partner; he discounted it. Gentlemen, I wish you would just look at it." "Of course we will look at it. Show it Arthur first; his eyes are younger than mine." Mr. Adams took out a large bill-book, extracted the note of hand, and passed it across the table to Wardlaw junior.