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Published by Reumont in Archiv. Stor. Ital. Serie 3, T. xvii, 1873. 3 Dispensa. Era venuto il primo marito de la dicta nepote, qual fu rimesso a Napoli, non visto da niuno.... Despatch of Gianandrea Boccaccio, Bishop of Modena, Rome, November 2, 1492, and November 5 and 9. Archives of Modena. Despatch of that date in the archives of Mantua.

DOÑA MATILDE. ¿Me quieres, Bruno? BRUNO. Toma, ¿y para eso tantos aspavientos? BRUNO. ¿Que si la quiero a usted? Buena pregunta, cuando la he visto a usted nacer, como quien dice, y la he arrullado, y la he dado papilla y la he.... DOÑA MATILDE. Tienes razón ... y por lo mismo me decido ahora a confiarte que me caso esta noche con don Eduardo. BRUNO. ¡Oiga! Su padre de usted consintió al cabo....

Como no tengo el honor, de ser conocido de VM. lo pienso mejor, y mas decoroso, quedarme aqui, hastaque huviere recibido su respuesta. Haviendo caminado hasta la choza, adonde estoi, no quisiere volverme, antes de haver visto la fortaleza de los Portugueses; y pido licencia de VM. para que me adelante.

And he did not smile or change, only his face seemed to become more stone-like. And he only looked at me, into my eyes, with the long, pale, steady, inscrutable look of a goat, I can only repeat, something stone-like. 'Why, I said, 'don't you marry? Man doesn't live alone. 'I don't marry, he said to me, in his emphatic, deliberate, cold fashion, 'because I've seen too much. Ho visto troppo.

'I don't understand, I said. Yet I could feel that Paolo, sitting silent, like a monolith also, in the chimney opening, he understood: Maria also understood. Il Duro looked again steadily into my eyes. 'Ho visto troppo, he repeated, and the words seemed engraved on stone. 'I've seen too much. 'But you can marry, I said, 'however much you have seen, if you have seen all the world.

In the groves of their academy, at the end of every visto, you see nothing but the gallows. Nothing is left which engages the affections on the part of the commonwealth. On the principles of this mechanic philosophy, our institutions can never be embodied, if I may use the expression, in persons, so as to create in us love, veneration, admiration, or attachment.

Y assi quando los nuestros llegaron, pensando que eran ellos, huyan alos mõtes con sus joyas, y haziendas. Y se ha visto el general en harto trabajo por apaziguarlos, y darles a entender que son ellos, y cierto deue ser hombre cuerdo, porque por la relaciõ se vee hauer tenido mucho sufrimiento, por no topar con ellos, y los ha lleuado con mucho amor, sin hazer agrauio a nadie.

A Roma Santa ce so gito anch'io, E ho visto co'miei occhi il fatto mio: E quando a Roma ce s'e posto il piede, Resta la rabbia e se ne va la fede. It may not be out of place to collect some passages from Masuccio's Novelle on the Clergy, premising that what he writes with the fierceness of indignation is repeated with the cynicism of indulgence by contemporary novelists.

Some such demon as, whispering in the ear of Visto, bade him 'Have a taste! had been wheedling George in. The King proclaimed himself a patron of the arts, and then proceeded to assume the airs of a connoisseur. Certainly he did not distinguish himself much in that capacity; his pretensions were not backed by any real learning. He made woeful mistakes.

¿Cuando ha inspirado la mujer mayor respeto al hombre sino cuando la ha visto instruida y educada a su altura en los colegios y universidades? ¿Antes, cuando la mujer permanecía en estado de ignorancia era acaso más respetada que ahora?

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