An agent of the Zanzibar custom-house presides over the customs, which are very small, and a jemidar acknowledging the Sultan is the chief authority; but the people are little superior to the natives whom they have displaced. The jemidar has been very civil to me, and gives me two guides to go on to Adondé, but no carriers can be hired.

BRUNO. Si estaba desde anoche como si tuviera hormiguillo ... y aunque no descosía sus labios, se le conocía a la legua que ... pero voy a abrirle. DOÑA MATILDE. , corre, despáchate, ¿adonde vas? por allí está la escalera.

"I know these here hombres, to my sorrer, too, now I'm tellin' yuh!" But Luck, feeling that his leadership might as well be established then as any time, pushed the old man back. "What you want?" he demanded of the foremost who rode up. "Didn't you hear me tell you to keep out around the cattle?" "Adonde va V con mi vaca?" snapped the first rider in high-keyed Spanish.

"Adonde estamos?" "In el valle de Chihuatan, in el gran valle de Oaxaca y Guatimala; diez leguas de Tarifa. In the valley of Chihuatan; ten leagues from Tarifa." The figure lying on the bed near me now made a movement, and turned round. What could it be? Its face was like a lump of raw flesh streaked and stained with blood. No features were distinguishable. "Who are you? What are you?" cried I.

He ceased speaking, and someone on a horse, the High Sheriff, I think, galloped impatiently past the cart and shouted. Two men got into the cart, one pulled the rope, the other caught the pirate by the elbows. He jerked himself loose, and began to cry out; he seemed to be lost in amazement, and shrieked: "Adonde está el padre?... Adonde está el padre?"

Dinner being ordered, was promptly placed on the table, and mine host insisted on planting me at the foot thereof, while he sat on my left hand; so the party sat down; but the chair opposite, that ought to have been filled by Madama herself, was still vacant. "Adonde esta su ama," quoth Don Hombrecillo to one of the black waiting wenches. The girl said she did not know, but she would go and see.

"Where is it?" he thought, confused with the splash of waves and the toss of spray. He listened. He sped, shouting, over the rocks in the direction from which the cries seemed to come. He stopped now and then to listen. Yes, it was a human voice that cried for help. It was not the gulls. "Adonde?" The answering shouts grew more distinct.

Como no tengo el honor, de ser conocido de VM. lo pienso mejor, y mas decoroso, quedarme aqui, hastaque huviere recibido su respuesta. Haviendo caminado hasta la choza, adonde estoi, no quisiere volverme, antes de haver visto la fortaleza de los Portugueses; y pido licencia de VM. para que me adelante.