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After a weary hour's wait our subaltern came up, and, at my request, sent me to look for the captain. I found him about two miles this side of Reumont, endeavouring vainly to make some sort of ordered procession out of the almost comically patchwork medley.

Late in the afternoon we passed through Le Cateau, a bright little town, and came to the village of Reumont, where we were billeted in a large barn. We were all very confident that evening.

We got up, had a cheery and exiguous breakfast to distant, intermittent firing, then did a little work on our bicycles. I spent an hour or so watching through glasses the dim movement of dull bodies of troops and shrapnel bursting vaguely on the horizon. Then we were all summoned to H.Q., which were stationed about a mile out from Reumont on the Le Cateau road.

Later I heard that the last four hundred yards of the column had been shelled to destruction as it was leaving Reumont, and a tale is told probably without truth of an officer shooting the driver of the leading motor-lorry in a hopeless endeavour to get some ammunition into the firing line.

The words which concern the conduct of Vigilius are taken from Cardinal Hergenröther. Baronius, A.D. 538, sec. 5, gives from Anastasius the words of the empress, and the Pope's answer, and the following narrative. Gregorovius, i. 372. See Liberatus, Breviarium, ch. xxii. Liberatus, Breviarium. Reumont, ii. 49. St. Gregory, Dialogues, ii. 14, 18.

This Lucrezia della Fede was the wife of a hatter who lived in Via San Gallo. Her husband dying after a short illness, Andrea del Sarto married her, and whatever were her faults, she retained his life-long love. Biadi and Reumont give the date 26th of December, 1512, as that of the death of her husband, but Signor Milanesi, from more authentic sources, proves it to have been in 1516.

This ancestral palace of the Medici passed in 1659 to the Marchese Gabriele Riccardi, from the Duke Francesco II. Von Reumont, Lorenzo de' Medici, vol. ii. pp. 187-191, may be consulted for an interesting account of the building of this Casa Grande by Filippo Strozzi.