"But others," she said, "will be found less scrupulous." * Camden, p. 538. Strype, vol. iii. p. 375, 376. MS. in the Advocates' Library, A. 3. 28, p. 17, from the Cott. Lib. Calig. c. 9. Biog. Brit. p. 1625, 1627.

Is it because they think themselves unworthy of their holy fellowship? No, verily; it is because they exalt themselves. p.538. He goes on to declare that the difficulties which sin and Satan place in the way of the Christian pilgrim ought never to be concealed. Salvation is to be worked out with fear and trembling.

It gets in the pulpit, in conference, in closets, in communion of saints, in faith, in love, in repentance, in zeal, in humility, in alms, in the prison, and in all duties, and makes the whole a loathsome stink in the nostrils of God. p. 538 These licentious times, in which we live, are full of iniquity. p. 539.

The following statistics from the United States census of 1903 may be of interest: New York leads in the production of fruit, exclusive of subtropical fruits. Twelve and one-tenth per cent of the fruit production of the United States is in New York. Orchard fruit of 1903 was valued at $10,542,272 Grapes of 1903 were valued at 2,763,711 Small fruits of 1903 were valued at 2,538,363

To the request of the United States he replied that, out of respect for "the indisputable titles of sovereignty," he could not prejudge or anticipate the determination of the king of Spain. It was some ten years before Spain could be persuaded to renounce her ancient claims. St. Papers, For. Rel., Vol. III, p. 538. Wharton's Digest, Sec. 69, and Moore's Digest of Int. Law, Vol. I, p. 177.

The quantity of public land disposed of during the five quarters ending on the 30th of September last was 4,221,342 acres, of which 1,538,614 acres were entered under the homestead law. The remainder was located with military land warrants, agricultural scrip certified to States for railroads, and sold for cash. The cash received from sales and location fees was $1,019,446.

The national government, however, has appropriated to the purpose of facilitating inland navigation certain sums which have been used in doing this work, especially in the Mississippi Valley. There are now 1,538 miles of levees on both sides of the Mississippi from Cape Girardeau to the passes. These levees, of course, are still inadequate to the security of the planters against these inundations.

So, with a prayer on his lips, the young scribe begins his work. And it is through such patient, careful work as his that the older part of our Bible has come down to us from the half-forgotten ages of the past. Cyrus became King of Persia 546 B.C., conquered Babylon 538, died 528 B.C. Cuneiform writing made by order of Cyrus.

Although the government once afterwards, in 538, under the immediate impression produced by the battle of Cannae, nominated a dictator invested with active command, it could not again venture to do so in more peaceful times.

We find, by the census of 1810, that the number of slaves in the Union was then 1,191,000. In 1820, they had increased to 1,538,000. That is to say, in ten years, they had increased 29 per cent. within three per cent. of that rate of increase which would double their numbers in twenty-five years.