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It's my fault, but there's not a horse about the place that don't lay his ears back when I get on him; there's not a dog don't put his tail between his legs as soon as I come near him. The cayuse isn't foaled yet here on Quien Sabe that can throw me, nor the dog whelped that would dare show his teeth at me.

He had heard from Harran that Annixter was, perhaps, coming over that evening. If he came, would he mind bringing over his Presley's bicycle. He had left it at the Quien Sabe ranch the day before and had forgotten to come back that way for it. "Well," objected Annixter, a surly note in his voice, "I WAS going to RIDE over." "Oh, never mind, then," returned Presley easily.

The noise was coming from the direction of the road that led from the Mission to Quien Sabe. With incredible swiftness, the hoof-beats drew nearer. There was that in their sound which brought Presley to his feet. Annixter threw open the window. "Runaway," exclaimed Presley. Annixter, with thoughts of the Railroad, and the "Jumping" of the ranch, flung his hand to his hip pocket.

And I, the only other with them, don't really know whether to count myself with the living or with the dead. 'Quien sabe? as the people here are prone to say in answer to every question.

We can only wait here till the mist clears away," he shouts in a muffled voice. "And how soon may that be?" "Quien Sabe? Perhaps a few minutes, perhaps hours." Hours! To stand for hours, even for one hour, immovable in that mist on that ridge would be death. Since the sun disappeared the cold had become keener than ever.

These exclamations came from all parts of the table like squibs from a set firework. "Come, now, Mama Vauquer, a couple of bottles of champagne," called Vautrin. "Quien! just like you! Why not ask for the whole house at once. A couple of bottles of champagne; that means twelve francs! I shall never see the money back again, I know!

But that will be the easier, as neither wine nor money are likely to be over-abundant with us." At this moment, and before Perrico could reply to the sergeant's warning, the sentry in front of the house suspended his walk and uttered a sharp "Quien vive?" "Carlos Quinto," was the reply.

"Quien sabe who knows!" she replied with exasperating coolness. "I know I know all; and it is enough for a lifetime," he challenged. "What do you know what is the 'all'?" Her voice had lost timbre. It was suddenly weak, but from suspense and excitement rather than from fear. "I saw you last night with him, by the river. I saw what you did.

"Quien sabe?" she queried, airing her one Westernism before she was fairly in the longitude of it. "Uncle Somerville is a law unto himself. He had a lot of telegrams and things at Kansas City, and he is locked in his den with Mr. Jastrow, dictating answers by the dozen, I suppose." "Oh, these industry colonels!" said Adams. "Don't their toilings make you ache in sheer sympathy sometimes?"

A little after this the two young men took themselves away, Dyke obligingly carrying them in the wagon as far as the gate that opened into the Quien Sabe ranch. On the way, Presley referred to what Mrs. Dyke had said and led Dyke, himself, to speak of the P. and S. W. "Well," Dyke said, "it's like this, Mr. Presley. I, personally, haven't got the right to kick.

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