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And yet Domenico had a good start; as his brother Antonio has doubtless often told him, he had the best of old Giovanni's inheritance; he had the property at Quinto, and other property at Ginestreto, and some ground rents at Pradella; a tavern at Savona, a shop there and at Genoa really, Domenico has no excuse for his difficulties.

There was incident and accident enough in the life of the famous "Carlos Quinto" without the historian having to turn aside to chronicle the deeds of the pirates; but their exploits were so daring, the consequences thereof were so far-reaching, that the ominous crimson thread had to be woven into any narrative of the times in despite of the annoyance of the man by whom the rope was twisted.

"Will he be up at this hour, after last night's ball?" asked Quinto. "He? The Marchese? One sees you are a stranger in Ravenna, my dear sir. I don't suppose the Marchese has ever been in bed after eight o'clock the last quarter of a century. He is an early man, the Marchese, an example to us all in that, as in all else."

"You could bring no influence to bear, except upon himself, you know." "Of course not. How should I? E poi?" "And he could not do as he pleased," said Quinto, with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "That was the mistake, cara mia, to endeavour to bring about an object, by influencing some one who had no power to act for themselves in the matter."

There was one other stranger in Ravenna whose lamentations over the fate that had ever brought him thither were as loud as they were sincere. The poor old singing-master, Quinto Lalli, was left, by the death of his adopted daughter, as destitute of the means of support as desolate in his home and heart.

"Ah h h h!" sighed Bianca, shaking her head with an expression of disgust; "you understand nothing about it, Quinto; you can't of course you can't. Gia," she continued, after a pause of thought; "yes, I could take from her, poor fool, what she has; but could I, Bianca Lalli, take it and keep it for myself? Ah me, it is weary work!

Signor Quinto went to the cafe, and consumed his little cup of black coffee, with its abominable potion of so-called "rhum" in it, and the morsel of dry bread, which constituted his accustomed breakfast; and then, as he was returning to his lodging, encountered the "impresario" in the street. "Well met, Signor Lalli!" cried little Signor Ercole, cheerily.

And, if you ever do see me Marchesa di Castelmare, you will see that I shall make him a very good, ay, and a very fond, wife." "Who could doubt it, Signora, that has the advantage of knowing you as well as I do?" said the old man, with a mocking bow. "You may sneer as much as you like, Quinto; but you understand nothing about it. The Marchese is a man any woman might love. You call him an old man?

When Bianca, on the evening of her arrival at Ravenna, rejoined Quinto Lalli at the handsome and convenient lodging which had been provided her, after having passed an hour or two, as has been related, in being presented to the notabilities of the city, and receiving a great deal of homage at the Palazzo Castelmare, she had already learned many useful things.

He seemed to think my questions the greatest misfortunes which had ever befallen him, and to regard each suggestion of Sarpi tempo della Repubblica scomunica di Paolo Quinto as an intolerable oppression. The padrone, who had the contract for building the new convent, had said, "Truly, I have heard speak of this Sarpi;" but the stone had been broken, and he did not know what had become of it.