Petits Choux de Bruxelles. Pommes de Terre. Pouding de Noël Rhum. Dessert. Café. Liqueurs. Vins. Champagne. Moselle. Port. Benedictine. Whisky. On the reverse page we put our battle-honours Mons, Le Cateau, Crêpy-en-Valois, the Marne, the Aisne, La Bassée, the Defence of Ypres. We beat the Staff on the sprouts, but the Staff countered by appropriating the piper.

Not only were logs, and lumber, and the use of horses' and men's labor given, but a contribution was also levied for the inevitable barrel of rum and its unintoxicating accompaniments. "Rhum and Cacks" are frequent entries in the account books of early churches.

Millner, keenly aware that an aromatic savarin au rhum was describing an arc behind his head previous to being rushed back to the pantry under young Draper's indifferent eye, stiffened himself against this last assault of the enemy, and read out firmly: " What relation do you consider that a man's business conduct should bear to his religious and domestic life?" Mr. Spence mused a moment.

"Why, not a moment ago you swore you hadn't tasted a drop of anything but tea alone since yesterday." "Faith, yer honner, I didn't know it wor rhum till too late, sor. I sware, sor, I droonk it out av a taypot." "Out of a teapot, man?"

The sarjint says I wor droonk, but I worn't, sor; though somehows or t'other I thinks it must have been rhum I wor drinkin' at the rendywoo an' not tay as Bridget telled me at the toime, sayin' it wor good fur the stummick an' wud kape the cowld out!" "I don't believe a word of your story," I heard the doctor answer to this long and circumstantial yarn. "Why, Macan, you're drunk now!"

It WAS the old Enriquez! I perfectly understood his extravagant speech and illustration, and yet for the first time I wondered if others did. "Tak'-a-drink!" he said, all in one word. "You shall possess the old Bourbon or the rhum from the Santa Cruz! Name your poison, gentlemen!"

"He asks," said the interpreter, turning to 'Enery and the other men, "whether you have any conserve et rhum jam and rum you wish to exchange for his wine." After that 'Enery Irving collapsed in the public estimation as a French speaker.

Beckett suggested dining in our own "parlour," as he called it. The landlord himself brought a menu, which Mother Beckett accepted indifferently up to the entremets "omelette au rhum." This she wished changed for something anything made with Jim's favourite jam.

Bean soup with rice, well seasoned with pepper a la Mexicano. 2. Fish, with the best sauce ever tasted since I left home. 3. Fried eggs and potatoes. Rice and roast meat a la Francaise. 5. Rice pudding. 6. Fruit. Glass of good Spanish rum a la rhum. I have quite a few souvenirs from them and some Spanish buttons for sister.

Anisette d'Hollande 0 15 Anisette de Bordeaux 0 12 Eau-de-vie d'Andaye 0 10 Fleur d'Orange 0 10 Cuirasseau 0 10 Rhum 0 10 Kirschewaser 0 10 Eau Cordiale de Coradon 0 15 Liqueurs des Isles 0 15 Marasquin 0 15 Eau-de-vie de Dantzick 0 15 Eau-de-vie de Coignac 0 8 Case, la tasse 12s. la demie 0 8 Glace 0 15