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Lorelei could not summon courage for a negative answer; she could not confess that her dream had turned out wretchedly, and that what Bob seemed to consider simply the usual thing impressed her as abnormal and wanton. "Well, that's good," he said. "I'm not strong for these week-end slaughters, but it's something you'll have to do." "Is all society like this?" she inquired. "Um-m, yes and no!

Sticks out like a sore thumb. They read the Bible at her plenty. Um-m," mused he. "I don't put much stock in that yarn you bring me. There's a nigger in the wood-pile, but he ain't black. What you goin' to do about it?" "Nothing. It's not my concern. Now if Daniel will mind his affairs I'll continue to mind mine." "Wall, Zion's a long way off yet," quoth friend Jenks.

"Um-m! what lots of them you have eaten!" said Thorn, looking over the big pile. "Yes," said Periwinkle, with a laugh, "we live on them." "But you see," Foam went on, "our people have lived here for a long time longer than my grandfather can remember. And the shell mounds have been growing all that time. There are many other shell heaps all along this shore, where more of our people live."

And before another month passes the need will be greater than ever. Look what the Germans did to the British Fifth Army just last month. I'll never know what stopped 'em. But they're not through. What do you make of that long range gun that is shelling this very city? "Um-m. Dunno. Seems to me that well directed reconnaissance flights should be able to locate that gun."

Donkin put his hand quickly to his mouth and coughed. "Um-m!" said he pleasantly. "Super hard on you this morning Hoogan?" And with the words Toddles' heart went out to the big dispatcher: "Hoogan" and a man-to-man tone. "No," said Toddles cordially. "Say, I thought you were on the night trick." "Double-shift short-handed," replied Donkin. "Come from New York, don't you?" "Yes," said Toddles.

"That isn't half as good as reindeer's stomach, or fishes' eyes! Um-m how I love fishes' eyes! I tell you, Menie, let's get something to eat and then go fishing, before the sun goes down!" "All right," said Menie. "Let's see if Mother won't give us a piece of bear's fat! That is almost as good as blubber or fishes' eyes." They dived into the igloo.

"I've heard my father tell of spreading his on the frozen ground when it was thirty below zero, and sleeping snug as a 'possum in a hollow tree." "All right; let's try it," and Lucile spread the bag on the sealskin square. After removing their skirts and rolling them up for pillows, together they slid down into the soft, warm depths of their Arctic bed. "Um-m," whispered Marian.

I'm just kinda lonesome; kinda tired of lookin' bright about things I don't savvy." Gus seated himself and crossed his thin legs. "Folks give an owl credit for bein' wise just because he keeps his mouth shut. Prob'ly he's got nothing of interest to say." "Perhaps. But you can say 'no, Gus, and that's about all the average banker is called upon to say." "Um-m!" The elder man nodded reflectively.

Our young men are gentle, modest, sweet " "Um-m! I hadn't noticed it." "This is the first time I have ever talked so freely with a gentleman, and I suppose it is immodest. After all, it is much better that old people who are of more experience should discuss these questions." "But don't you want to have a voice in your own affairs?" he eagerly urged.

I thought there was a lot of of rigmarole and testimony and court business." "Nope! I tell yo', some of them Mendova lawyers is slick an' 'commodatin'. Why, one time I was in an awful hurry, landin' in 'long of the upper ferry, an' I went up town, an' seen the lawyer, an' told him right how I was fixed. Les' see, that wa um-m Oh, I 'member now, Jasper Hill.