When he got back with the Colonel and the whiskey, O'Flynn floundering in the distance, Potts was feebly striking his breast with his arms, and Mac still bent above the motionless little body. They tried to get some of the spirit down the child's throat, but the tight-clenched teeth seemed to let little or nothing pass. The stuff ran down towards his ears and into his neck.

I lay with tight-clenched hands. The storm swelled high. I asked that the mat be dropped from before the door that I might see the lightning, and while I watched it Outchipouac slipped in. He felt me over, and patted my moist skin approvingly. Then he sat by my side and began to talk. His talk at first was a chant, a saga, a recitation of the glories of his ancestors.

He lay face downwards two tiny fists tight-clenched against his cheeks, his feet curled up to meet them, his tail swung gracefully across his eyes. Nine weeks had he lain thus, self-entombed. Within the hollow of the old hazel-stump he had fashioned a rough sphere of honeysuckle bark; within this, again, a nest of feathery grass stems. He had put the roof on last of all.

He could make a louder rasping growl than any of them. His tiny rages were much more terrible than theirs. It was he that first learned the trick of rolling a fellow- cub over with a cunning paw-stroke. And it was he that first gripped another cub by the ear and pulled and tugged and growled through jaws tight-clenched.

Beverley had been regarding me with a very strange expression, his cheeks had gone even paler than before, his eyes seemed to stare through, and beyond me, and his hands were tight-clenched at his sides. "Mr. Beverley," said I, "what ails you?" For a moment he did not speak, then answered, with the same strange look: "Sir Jasper Trent is my cousin, sir."

The voice sharpened; the hands arose tight-clenched; every fibre thrilled; his eyes inflamed. "Thou hast heard of the God of my fathers," he said; "of the infinite Jehovah. By his truth and almightiness, and by the love with which he hath followed Israel from the beginning, I swear I am innocent!" The tribune was much moved.

Jane, at Archie's plunge, had run down to the edge of the surf and stood with tight-clenched fingers, her gaze fixed on the lad's head as he breasted the breakers her face white as death, the tears streaming down her cheeks. Fear for the boy she loved, pride in his pluck and courage, agony over the result of the rescue, all swept through her as she strained her eyes seaward. Lucy, Max, and Mrs.

Ravenslee, "I'll trouble you for the 'phone, yonder." "Are ye goin' to call in de cops?" "That is my intention. Give me the 'phone." "No!" cried the boy, and springing before the telephone he stood there, trembling but defiant. "Give me that telephone!" "Not much I won't!" "Then of course I must shoot you!" The boy stood with head up-flung and fists tight-clenched; Mr.

Threatened thus with bodily harm, I glanced hastily over my shoulder with some wild notion of ignominious flight, but dignity forbidding, I stood my ground sick with apprehension and with my sweating hands tight-clenched. "Smell it!" quoth the landlord, setting his fist under my nose. "Which is it t' be, forty shillin' or this?"

It seemed to plumb some infamous depth from which her soul recoiled, this apology of his for his neglect of her. And then her hands at her sides curled into tight-clenched little fists as she strove to control herself. His words, at least, supplied her with her cue.