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"You've got me beat, Les," he growled. Then he spat in his disgust. The missionary nodded, and, with a gesture of the hand, he indicated the hidden mills below them. "It's queer the way the whole thing's completed itself as I hoped and dreamed so long ago," he said thoughtfully. "You know, Bat, that yellow streak in me was a better thing than either of us knew.

Where?" said Archie, starting. "I say, take your father's case. He's doing all he knows to get this new hotel of his finished, and what happens? A man gets fired for loafing on his job, and Connolly calls a strike. And the building operations are held up till the thing's settled! It isn't right!" "It's a great shame," agreed Lucille. "I was reading about it in the paper this morning."

And the thought that ye hae intervened to spare the puir thing's life will be sweeter in that hour, come when it may, than if a word of your mouth could hang the haill Porteous mob at the tail of ae tow." Jeanie Deans is the strongest woman in the gallery of Scott, and an embodiment of all that is sober, and strong, and conscientious, and passionate in Scotch nature.

The theological nourishment which is offered them is generally no better than husks. They cannot live upon it, and so die and go home to their Father. And without good spiritual food to keep the spiritual senses healthy and true, they cannot see the thing's about them as they really are. They cannot find interest in them, because they cannot find their own place amoungst them.

Mantelish and Trigger nodded again. More thoughtfully. "Nevertheless " Mantelish began suddenly. He checked himself. "Well, you're right," the Commissioner said. "That stuff down there just can't be turned loose, that's all! The thing's still only experimenting. We don't know what it's going to wind up with.

"When a thing's to be done, may as well do it. The sooner the quicker," he joked, while Cora wondered more and more how so wronged a person could be so good-humored. Tom fussed about the machine, looking to see that the official bullet had not struck through a tire.

The old thing's running us neck and crop. I believe it's gaining on us right along!" exclaimed Bluff. "Look for a hollow tree!" cried Jerry. "Humbug! Just because you once got in one during a storm you think a hollow tree can be used for nearly anything. Why, we'd be smothered in a jiffy, even if we didn't get burned to a crisp! Say something else!" shouted Bluff.

"But a hen of that character ought to crow as well as cackle. How much'll you take for her, cooky? I'll buy and start a hennery to stump the world. Anybody want to go in with me on this deal? San Leon Chinese Poultry Warranted to Make Possessors Rich! The Egg Trust of San Leon! I say, boys, the thing's just rippin'!" "Undo that little gate, Wunny. I'm going in to collect the eggs.

"But there was that woman who pretended to be her rightful mother," observed Grandma Padget, who, though not obliged to set up any defence, wanted the case seen in all its bearings. "There she set, easy and deliberate, telling her story, how the little thing's father died comin' over the water, and how hard, it was for her to do the right thing by the child.

"A body never gets a square meal in this house now that that blessed thing's been put in!" Then he laid down his knife and fork, scuttled upstairs to the instrument, and unhooked the receiver. "'Ullo! Wot's the rumpus?" he shouted into it. "Yus, this is Captain Burbage's. Wot? No, he ain't in. Dunno when he will be. Dunno where he is. Who is it as wants him? If there's any message "

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