"Ye see, lads," said this man to the half-dozen comrades around him, "we must do it to-night, if we're to do it at all. There's the captain's small boat layin' out astarn, which comes quite handy, an', as we lose all our pay by the dodge, I don't see why we shouldn't take it." The man struck his fist into his left palm, and looked round the circle for opinions.

"Uh, huh!" said Col. Mason. He had been in the city for some time. "Yes, sir, I want to get through with my little matter and get back home. I'm not asking for much, and I don't anticipate any trouble in securing what I desire. You see, it's just like this, there's no way for them to refuse us.

There's nae leevin' for a doctor wi' that Drumtochty air; it hasna a marra in Scotland. It starts frae the Moray Firth and sweeps doon Badenoch, and comes ower the moor o' Rannoch and across the Grampians. There's the salt o' the sea, and the caller air o' the hills, and the smell o' the heather, and the bloom o'mony a flower in't.

There's no knowing what may happen before we turn the last stake." "Sam," demanded Fred anxiously, "have you any reason to suspect anything more?" "Nothin' except that I know those fellows will not stop at anything to win the race. They have a lot of money bet and they aren't goin' to lose it if they can help it."

"Oh, well, you're here now, and it's all right," put in dad easily, as though everything was quite commonplace and had happened dozens of times to us. "Crom will have dinner ready soon, though as he and Tony weren't notified that there would be a wedding-party here, I can't promise the feast I'd like to. Still, there's a bottle or two good enough to drink even their happiness in, Homer.

But there's no need of haste.... More haste, worse speed in catching fleas, he-he! Susanna closed the book, and was about to leave the room. 'Wait a bit, wait a bit, began Mr. Ratsch. 'We needn't stand on ceremony with you, eh? 'Please don't put yourself out on my account! I cried. 'To be sure, my good friend.

"You dropped that, and Stevens found it," he explained, giving it to her. "I thought those figures might represent your fortune or your income. Don't mind telling you I went over 'em carefully. There's a mistake in the third column. Five and four don't make seven. They make nine.

Tell Him that if you are wrong you only wait to be set right, and, be the path rough or smooth, you will walk in it. 'Oh, you must live close to God! If you are a greater distance from Him than you were, just stop the whirl of outward things, or rather leave it, and shut yourself up with Him till all is clear and bright upwards. Do, there's a dear. Oh, how much we lose by not coming to the point.

Now I wonder what his game is there it don't stand to reason he'd want to be a alderman now, unless there's something under it. You'd think he was trying to run the town and the whole world, too, wouldn't you?" "I don't like that outfit," says I. "They ain't friendly. If a man don't neighbor with you, like enough he's stealing somewhere and don't want to be watched."

"I don't let myself think of it any more! I was unhappy, I was overwrought; there's no explanation for what I felt and said but that! And, Peter, you know that if I was false in thought to Martin, he had been unkind to me, and he had " she paused, interrupted herself. "But men are different, I suppose," she mused.