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His party for he was but the nominal chief of a faction, 'tanquam unus ex nobis' was the party in possession the office-holders' party; the spoilsmen, whose purpose was to rob the exchequer and to enrich themselves. His minions for the favourites were called by no other name were even more hated, because less despised than the King.

Cf. note on vel vel, G. 15. Alterius. Another, than Julius Frontinus, i.e. by implication, one different from him, less brave and great. Cf. His. 2, 90: tanquam apud alterius civitatis senatum; 3, 13, note. Alius is the word usually appropriated to express this idea. Alter generally implies a resemblance between contrasted objects. See Freund, ad v. Obruisset sustinuit.

Tu vero felix, Agricola, non vitae tantum claritate, sed etiam opportunitate mortis. Ut perhibent qui interfuerunt novissimis sermonibus tuis, constans et libens fatum excepisti; tanquam pro virili portione innocentiam principi donares.

I drink no more than a sponge. I drink like a Templar knight. And I, tanquam sponsus. And I, sicut terra sine aqua. Give me a synonymon for a gammon of bacon. It is the compulsory of drinkers: it is a pulley. By a pulley-rope wine is let down into a cellar, and by a gammon into the stomach. Hey! now, boys, hither, some drink, some drink. There is no trouble in it.

Is it not that mixed condition which partakes of both and secures neither? "Per quem neutrum licet, nec tanquam in bello paratum esse, nec tanquam in pace securum." Seneca De Trang: Animi, cap. Is it not this partial and imperfect association which gives rise to tyranny and war? And are not tyranny and war the worst scourges of humanity?

It literally is not possible that any fruitful power of the Muses should be put forth upon a people which disdains their Helicon; still less is it possible that any Christian nation should grow up "tanquam lignum quod plantatum est secus decursus aquarum," which cannot recognise the lesson meant in their being told of the places where Rebekah was met; where Rachel, where Zipporah, and she who was asked for water under Mount Grerizim by a Stranger, weary, who had nothing to draw with.

By the second, they are sworn, as it were, to follow all their lives the authority of some particular school, to which "tanquam scopulo, adhaerescunt;" for the condition of their engagement is to defend certain doctrines, and even mere forms of speech, without examination, or to examine only in order to defend them.

I praise God for you, Sir: your reasons at dinner have been sharp and sententious; pleasant without scurrility, witty without affection, audacious without impudency, learned without opinion, and strange without heresy. I did converse this quondam day with a companion of the king's, who is intituled, nominated, or called Don Adriano de Armado. Hol. Novi hominem tanquam te.

Heroes mischievously gay, Lords of the street and terrors of the way, Flush'd as they are with folly, youth, and wine. Johnson's London. Hol. Novi hominem tanquam te his humour is lofty, his discourse peremptory, his tongue filed, his eye ambitious, his gait majestical, and his general behaviour vain, ridiculous, and thrasonical. Shakspeare.

"Novi hominem tanquam te" quoth he; "his humor is lofty; his discourse peremptory; his tongue filed; his eye ambitious; his gait majestical; and his general behavior vain, ridiculous, and thrasonical. He is too picked, too spruce, too affected, too odd, as it were; too peregrinate, as I may call it; he draweth out the thread of his verbosity finer than the staple of his argument.