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See a striking passage from Cicero's Academics, preserved by Augustine, contra Acad. iii. 7, and Lucullus, 18. De Nat. Deor. passim; de Div. ii. 72. "Quorum controversiam solebat tanquam honorarius arbiter judicare Carneades." Tusc. Quæst. v. 41. De Fin. ii. 1; de Orat. i. 18; Lucullus, 3; Tusc. Quæst. v. 11; Numen. apud Euseb. Præp. Evang. xiv. 6, etc. Lactantius, Inst. iii. 4. De Nat.

Distinctio poenarum ex delicto: proditores et transfugas arboribus suspendunt; ignavos et imbelles et corpore infames coeno ac palude, injecta insuper crate, mergunt. Diversitas supplicii illuc respicit, tanquam scelera ostendi oporteat, dum puniuntur, flagitia abscondi.

But, ere he could interfere, the Baron of Bradwardine had taken up the quarrel. 'Sir, he said, 'whatever my sentiments, TANQUAM PRIVATUS, may be in such matters, I shall not tamely endure your saying anything that may impinge upon the honourable feelings of a gentleman under my roof.

Vivo fruens Mortuum colens Magnis cineribus licet in parvo magnifici parentarunt Polentani Principes erigendo Bembus Praetor Luculentissime extruendo Praetiosum Musis et Apollini Mausoleum Quod injuria temporum pene squallens E. mo Dominico Maria Cursio Legato Joanne Salviato Prolegato Magni civis cineres Patriae reconciliare Cultus perpetuitate curantibus S. P. Q. R. Jure Ac Aere suo Tanquam Thesaurum suum munivit Instauravit ornavit A.D. MDCXCII.

His party for he was but the nominal chief of a faction, 'tanquam unus ex nobis' was the party in possession the office-holders' party; the spoilsmen, whose purpose was to rob the exchequer and to enrich themselves. His minions for the favourites were called by no other name were even more hated, because less despised than the King.

. . . I read a letter of Cicero's to his friend Valerius, this morning, in which he urges him to come and see him, saying that he wants to have a pleasant time with him, tecum jocari,-and says, "When you come this way, don't go down to your Apulia," to wit, Cummington. Nam si illo veneris, tanquam Ulysses, cognosces tuorum neminem.

No. 153. Saturday, August 25, 1711. Steele. 'Habet natura ut aliarum omnium rerum sic vivendi modum; senectus autem peractio AEtatis est tanquam Fabulae. Cujus defatigationem fugere debemus, praesertim adjuncta Satietate. Tull. 'de Senec.

From that time till the end of the war, Frederic treated Saxony as a part of his dominions, or, rather, he acted towards the Saxons in a manner which may serve to illustrate the whole meaning of that tremendous sentence, "subjectos tanquam suos, viles tanquam alienos."

Calvin, upon 1 Cor. xi. 1, saith well, that the Apostle there calls back both himself and others to Christ, Tanquam unicum recte agendi exemplar; and Polycarpus Lycerus, upon Matt. xvi. 24, under that command of following Christ, comprehendeth the imitations of Christ’s actions.

The scruples of people regarding their confessions may well be imagined; and this, too, when Lent was past. The Dominican fathers, moreover, even said in the pulpits, when exultant tanquam victores capta preda, that there is no person in these islands, except the Dominican religious, who has the ability or learning to make a decision in a case of morals.