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A burly roll of cloaks, rugs, capes, and loose wrappers, placed in the corner, and tanquam cadaver, passive and motionless. I have sometimes in my travels lighted on a strangely shaped mountain, whose huge curves, and sombre colouring have interested me indefinably. In the rude mass at the far angle, Mr. Jos. Larkin, I fancy, found some such subject of contemplation.

Sunt enim in ipsa mente caelitus descriptae, nullisque traditionibus, sive scriptis, sive non scriptis, obnoxiae, p.3 And Veritates nostrae catholicae, quae tanquam indubia Dei emata in foro interiori descriptae.

His party for he was but the nominal chief of a faction, 'tanquam unus ex nobis' was the party in possession the office-holders' party; the spoilsmen, whose purpose was to rob the exchequer and to enrich themselves. His minions for the favourites were called by no other name were even more hated, because less despised than the King.

Our Lord, with rosy nimbus and the long pale hair tanquam lana alba et tanquam nix of the figure in the Apocalypse, sets with slender finger-tips a crown of pearl on the head of his mother, who, corpse-like in her refinement, is bending forward to receive it, the light lying like snow upon her forehead.

It is the same with those who reflect upon their actions: it appears to them at first that all we do is only impulsion from others, and that all we apprehend comes from without through the senses, and is traced upon the void of our mind tanquam in tabula rasa. Yet M. Bayle cites poets who pretend to exonerate men by laying the blame upon the gods.

Leusden and Schaaf translate the Syriac thus: "Hoc autem, quod praecipio, non tanquam laudo vos, quia non progressi estis, sed ad id, quod minus est, descendistis." The only supper which he ever enjoined to Christians, was the latter. This spiritual supper was to be eternal and universal.

There have been critics, and there probably will be again, though the circumstances of English literature do not tend to produce them, with power sufficient to entitle them to speak with authority. These great men have declared, tanquam ex cathedra, that such a book has been so far good and so far bad, or that it has been altogether good or altogether bad; and the world has believed them.

The old coward now began to "funk" horribly for the third time; he fancied the swords of the cavaliers were constantly at his throat, recollecting how they had served the Parliament ambassadors at the Hague and Madrid. "Turn," says he, in his dog-Latin life of himself, "Tum venit in mentem mihi Dorislaus et Ascham; Tanquam proscripto terror ubique aderat." And accordingly he ran home to England.

Of these it was that Cicero said, in an admirable image, that fools might think to improve on them, but that no wise man would try it; they were nudi omni ornatu orationis, tanquam veste detracta bare of ornament, the dress of style dispensed with, like an undraped human figure perfect in all its lines as nature made it. In his composition, as in his actions, Caesar is entirely simple.