Prieur's forewoman she had a certain position in the workroom, which raised her slightly above the class of working-girls. The two women's slender earnings, together with Mme. Chardon's three hundred francs of rentes, amounted to about eight hundred francs a year, and on this sum three persons must be fed, clothed, and lodged.

An honest man leaves no debt unpaid. Thou owest me a dinner." "Alas! ask of me what is possible. I will give thee three, however, if I survive and regain my rentes. But today I have not even a mouse to share with Fox." "Fox lives then?" cried De Breze, with sparkling hungry eyes. "Yes. At present he is making the experiment how long an animal can live without food."

We find him at the head of one of those useful establishments unknown in our country a Bureau de Mariage: half a dozen of such places are daily advertised in the journals: and "une veuve de trente ans ayant une fortune de deux cent mille francs," or "une demoiselle de quinze aus, jolie, d'une famille tres distinguee, qui possede trente mille livres de rentes," continually, in this kind-hearted way, are offering themselves to the public: sometimes it is a gentleman, with a "physique agreable, des talens de societe" and a place under Government, who makes a sacrifice of himself in a similar manner.

It seems, however, that the French rentes maintain their quotation of seventy-five francs. Mr. Elmer Roberts of the Associated Press and Mr. Hart O. Berg sat at our table. Both thought that the war would be much longer than at first expected and would depend upon how long Germany could exist, owing to the impossibility of obtaining food from abroad. "Eight months," said Mr. Berg.

With three hundred thousand francs, a country residence and small estate might be bought and the means of inhabiting there provided. Another hundred thousand would buy a house in Paris to spend each winter; and the residue of four hundred thousand, if invested in French Rentes, would purchase an additional income of fifteen thousand francs for town expenses.

Do you suppose that a single man, of tolerable person, well-born, and with a hundred thousand francs of rentes, could entirely escape proposals from the ladies in Europe?" "This is so revolting to all our American notions, that, though I have often heard of such things, I have always found it difficult to believe them!"

Upon the banks of the St Lawrence they established the feudal system of holding land, the only system they knew. There were the seigneurs, or landlords, with their permanent tenants, or censitaires. There were the ancient usages cens et rentes, lods et ventes, droit de banalité. the seigneurs' court, and so on.

The idea that he might reason with her, made her seductive to the heart and head of him. 'I am passably rich, Nevil, she said. 'I do not care for money, except that it gives wings. Roland inherits the chateau in Touraine. I have one in Burgundy, and rentes and shares, my notary informs me. 'I have money, said he. His heart began beating violently. He lost sight of his intention of reasoning.

Nearly all had gone when John Turner at length woke up. Indeed, Colville threw a book upon the floor to disturb his placid sleep. "I will come round to-morrow," he said, bidding his hostess good night. "I have some papers for you to sign since you are determined to sell your rentes and leave the money idle at your bank." "Yes.

He had discouraged La Cibot. Now he was obliged to remove these unpleasant impressions. "Do not let us give up," he said; "just go away quietly home. Come, now, we will steer the affair to a good end." "But what about my rentes, what am I to do to get them, and " "And feel no remorse?" he interrupted quickly.