Hell at home is a strong deterrent with some; a passing thought with others; with others, again, a theme of public mockery, not always well assured; and so in the Marquesas with the tapu. Mr. Regler has seen the two extremes of scepticism and implicit fear.

She pointed with a wooden spoon toward the open window, through which we could see the red cow, still contentedly chewing over the memories of her last meal. 'No, there's no harm in him, or you may be sure I wouldn't be here; but he's a great character, is Mr. Perkins; a regler case, he is, an' no mistake. Well, this won't get my kitchen cleaned up and Sunday morning, too!

"How good you may be I doant know, but you air sertingly a much better man than you would be if you was not fiting for the Union. I hoap you air a regler, consistent Christian. Ide prefer you to be a Methodist Episcopal, but any church is much better than none. "He be glad to heer that you have received these things all rite. "Sincerely your friend and well-wisher, "Jerusha Ellen Briggs."

They'll welcome you like brothers and skin you out of every cent o' your bounty, if you play cards with 'em. They're a dandy crowd when it comes to fingerin' the pasteboards. They'll be regler fathers to you, but you don't want to play no cards with 'em." "I thought you said they wuz all gentlemen and would be regler brothers to us," said Harry Joslyn. "So they will so they will.

That's the reason so many o' our letters from home, and the good things they send us, never reach us. He ought to keep a regler directory, same as in the other companies." "Then some o' them smarties found out that Scruggs was stuck on his spouting. Seems that he was the star declaimer in his school.

"You've got one big heap of books here," he said, when Neilson returned. "They do no harm," answered Neilson with a smile. "Have you read them all?" asked the skipper. "Most of them." "I'm a bit of a reader myself. I have the Saturday Evening Post sent me regler." Neilson poured his visitor a good stiff glass of whisky and gave him a cigar. The skipper volunteered a little information.

Amongst other angry pleasantries 'Here is a mighty fine ship, said he, 'to have no money on board! I own I was inspired with sensible repugnance; even with alarm. When he reads this confession, our kind friend, Mr. Regler, can afford to smile.

"Ay, and missus she fainted right off; and I've been to the regler doctor, which he's out; and Sarah, the housemaid, said I had better come here; you was only just set up, she said; you wouldn't have so much to do, says she." "That is all SHE knows," said Jane. "Why, our master they pulls him in pieces which is to have him fust." "What an awful liar! Oh, you good girl!" whispered Dr.

Ye see, ez I wuz a sayin, bills is baoun tew come daown anyhow ony if they comes daown regler, cordin tew law, everybody'll know what t'expect, and nobody won' lose nothin." "Praps the convenshun what's a sittin up tew Lenox'll rekummen them bills," hopefully suggested a farmer who had been taking in Ezra's wisdom with open mouth.

I said he looked like something else, being dressed in an uproarious check suit of clothes that would instantly of collected a crowd in most city streets. But Sandy says that's all right; he's a regler cowman and had to wear these startling garments for a disguise to get him safe out of Idaho.