"Oh, he preached very good Gospel, not that he went very often himself, acause he couldn't make out the meaning of it; he preached too high, like. But his wife said it was uncommon good Gospel; and surely when he come to visit a body, and talked plain English, like, not sermon-ways, he was a very pleasant man to heer, and his lady uncommon kind to nurse folk.

The man's eyes broke into vehement challenge. "So long es thar's life in me I won't fergit hit!" "I reckon ye'd better heer me out," she reminded him with an ominous note and he nodded his head, waiting, while she continued. "Yestiddy I seemed crazed but terday I hain't. Ye 'pears ter be right sartain thet I loves ye. I don't know, but I either loves ye or I hates ye like all hell.

However, we are quiet here for a while, so let us talk." Elsa became suspicious. "Your mother wants me, Heer Adrian," she said, turning towards the door. "Let her rest, Elsa, let her rest; there is no medicine like sleep for the sick."

Among this fossil wood Heer made out the cypress, the silver pine, the poplar, the birch, and some dicotyledons with caducous leaves.

Indeed, now I remembered having heard this Hernando, or Hernan, as the Boers called him for short, spoken of in past years by the Heer Marais as the heir to great riches, since his father had made a large fortune by trading in wine and spirits under some Government monopoly which he held.

"It's Toot Wambush!" cried the girl, rising quickly and turning to the door. "I am afraid he " Just then the young ruffian entered. His red face and unsteady walk showed that he had been drinking. "Say, Miss Harriet, have you seed oh, heer you are!" he broke off as he noticed Westerfelt. "You are the one man in the United Kingdom that I want to see jest at this present moment.

"I only asks one thing of ye," faltered Bas, from whose soul had oozed the last drop of manly resistance, "I come hyar ter crave this woman's pardon I still wants ter do thet without nobody else ter heer what I says." "Ef she's willin' ter listen, we'll let ye talk," acceded Squires, who found himself unchallenged spokesman now. "But we won't take no chances with ye.

I mun go th' way as lays afore me. I mun tak my leave o' aw heer. He made a sort of reverence to them by holding up his arms, and stood for the moment in that attitude; not speaking until they slowly dropped at his sides. 'Monny's the pleasant word as soom heer has spok'n wi' me; monny's the face I see heer, as I first seen when I were yoong and lighter heart'n than now.

Dunderberg, "Thunder Mountain," at the southern gate of the Hudson Highlands, is a wooded eminence, chiefly populated by a crew of imps of stout circumference, whose leader, the Heer, is a bulbous goblin clad in the dress worn by Dutch colonists two centuries ago, and carrying a speaking-trumpet, through which he bawls his orders for the blowing of winds and the touching off of lightnings.

"Ah, I have had such a bad dream," she said, in Dutch: "I dreamed that the black Kaffirs were going to kill me. Where is my papa?" I winced at the question. "Your papa has gone on a journey, dear," I said, "and left me to look after you. We shall find him one day. You don't mind going with Heer Allan, do you?" "No," she said, a little doubtfully, and began to cry again.