"But, howsomdever, after a while in comes the Quaker and the officer with him, and the very first minute the officer seen me he says: "'I reckernize him as an old offender. "'No you don't! says I; 'I'm no old offender nor a young offender. I'm a perfeckly honest Baptist plumber, and I kin prove it, too. "'How kin you prove it? says the officer.

"Ner me," declared Mrs. Jackson, "she's a perfeckly good girl so far as I know." "Where do you suppose Mis' Symes got them cards printed?" inquired Mrs. Tutts. "I gotta git Tutts to git to work and git me some." "Over to the Courier office I should think," Mrs. Jackson added. "It's lucky I got some in the house since they've started in usin' em." There was a moment's silence in which Mrs.

If everything had 'a' went as I'd expected, I'd been workin' at the Shermans' straight along these days, an' you wouldn't 'a' had a mite o' trouble with the little fella. Him an' I understands each other perfeckly, an' with me a loomin' up on the landscape, he kinder sees the sense o' walkin' a chalk-line, not kickin' up his heels too frisky.

"This is perfeckly ridic'lous; do you at all realize what you're doin'?" "I won't," Mrs. Tutts spoke with full knowledge of the deadly insult; "I won't until I git a few handfuls of your red hair!" Mrs. Jackson stopped in her tracks and fear fell from her. Her roving eye searched the room for a weapon and her glance fell upon the potted geranium. Mrs.

Presently a perfeckly orful lookin female presented herself at the door. Her gownd was skanderlusly short and her trowsis was shameful to behold. She eyed me over very sharp, and then startin back she sed, in a wild voice: "Ah, can it be?" "Which?" sed I. "Yes, 'tis troo, O 'tis troo!" "15 cents, marm," I anserd. She bust out a cryin & sed: "And so I hav found you at larst at larst, O at larst!"

'I propose, says th' State's attorney, 'to prove be some rale experts, men who have earned their repytations be testifyin' eight ways fr'm th' jack in a dozen criminal cases, that so far fr'm bein' insane on this particklar night, this was th' on'y time that he was perfeckly sane. 'Oh, look here, Judge, says Bedalia Sassyfrass iv Th' Daily Fluff, 'this here has gone far enough.

Fess the whusky, Fergus, an' gie auld Robert a dram. Haith! gien the watter be rinnin' ower the tap o' yer hoose, man, it was time to flit. Fess twa or three glaisses, Fergus; we hae a' need o' something 'at's no watter. It's perfeckly ridic'lous!"

Symes, sitting bolt upright on the edge of the plush rocking-chair with her long, flat feet pressed tightly together, tweaked at the only veil in Crowheart and cleared her throat with subdued and lady-like restraint before she inquired "Isn't it a lovely day?" "Oh, lovely!" Mrs. Jackson answered with husky vivacity. "Perfeckly lovely!" Another silence followed and something of Mrs.

Sum wanted post orfices, sum wanted collectorships, sum wantid furrin missions, and all wanted sumthin. I thought Old Abe would go crazy. He hadn't more than had time to shake hands with 'em, before another tremenjis crowd cum porein onto his premises. His house and dooryard was now perfeckly overflowed with orfice seekers, all clameruss for a immejit interview with with Old Abe.

I mean he always acts horrable about anything pleasant. Of course I know he's a good man, and everything; I just mean the way he behaves is perfeckly disgusting. So what's the use your not givin' me this dog? You won't have him yourself as soon as grandpa comes home to lunch in an hour or so." "Oh, yes, I will!" "Grandpa hasn't already seen him, has he?" "No." "Then what makes you say "