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Once, after organizing the Calcutta Urban Bank, he refused to benefit himself by holding any of its shares. He had simply wished to perform a civic duty in his spare time. Several years after Father had retired on a pension, an English accountant arrived to examine the books of the Bengal-Nagpur Railway Company. The amazed investigator discovered that Father had never applied for overdue bonuses.

I hope that Mexico by its own action will soon relieve this Government of the difficulties experienced from these causes. Our relations with the various Republics of Central and South America continue, with one exception, to be cordial and friendly. I recommend some action by Congress regarding the overdue installments under the award of the Venezuelan Claims Commission of 1866.

In the next room the dressmaker still slept, dreaming early morning dreams of lazy apprentices, overdue bills, complaining customers. Harmony moved lightly not to disturb her. She set her room in order, fed the pigeons, it was then she saw the carrier with its message, made her morning coffee by setting the tiny pot inside the stove.

It authorized the president to borrow twelve millions of dollars, if so much were found necessary, for discharging the arrears of interest and the overdue installments of the foreign debt, and for the paying off the whole of that debt, could it be effected on advantageous terms, the money thus borrowed to be reimbursed within fifteen years.

If, after helping him on with his coat in the hall and laying a loving hand on his sleeve because he looked such a fine man, she asked him for money to pay the always overdue household bills, or even to ask whether they would wait dinner for him, he would say something quite just about the untidiness of her hair, follow it up by a generalisation on her unworthiness, and then bang the door, but not too loudly, as if he had good-humouredly administered a sharp rap over the knuckles to a really justifiable piece of female imbecility.

"I don't know what you mean about hunting, Mr. Sowerby. You gents 'as all the hunting, and we poor folk 'as all the work. I hope you're going to make up this trifle of money we're out of so long." "It's about that I've called. I don't know what you call long, Tozer; but the last bill was only dated in February." "It's overdue; ain't it?" "Oh, yes; it's overdue. There's no doubt about that."

He woke up now, as with a start. "You were talking of a charter," said he. "Was I?" said Attwater. "Well, let's talk of it no more at present." "Your own schooner is overdue, I understand?" continued the captain. "You understand perfectly, Captain Brown," said Attwater; "thirty-three days overdue at noon to-day." "She comes and goes, eh? plies between here and ...?" hinted the captain.

The quarterly remissions forwarded to him by certain obscure but respectable relatives in England, under the condition that he should never again set foot in that land of honest men, had not arrived. It was two weeks overdue. What had happened? Had they decided to cancel it? They had threatened to do so ere now. And if so, how was he going to live? It was a facer, that was.

There was not room in the Southern Pacific for both Hays and Harriman, then in financial control, and the Grand Trunk directors seized the opportunity which the breach afforded. In 1909 the wide recognition of Mr Hays's great services led to long overdue increase of the authority of the Canadian officials of the road by his appointment as president, on the retirement of Sir Charles Rivers-Wilson.

He nodded, watching the great headlight grow all too slowly bigger and bigger. "Even the twenty minutes will probably be cut short. The train's considerably overdue now." The long line of sleepers came to a stand-still beside them, and they scanned the cars anxiously for the first sign of Sally.