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"'Shoot him, men! cried Don Luego, as the sailor's head emerged for a minute from the water, and instantly a volley from a hundred muskets whistled round the swimmer's head. He dived at once and swam under water, only coming up to take breath occasionally.

With a stern-set countenance he stepped forward, pulled the rope from his comrade's neck, and struck the fell Spaniard full in the face with it. "'Mutiny! gasped the astonished Don Luego; then, turning to the other seamen, he cried, 'Seize him and swing the two together from the yard-arm!

Por Dios Sr. D. Pedro, que no logre yo el ver a usted...." ¡Ah, conque es un proyecto!... que luego me explicará ... y a fe que buena falta me hace ... y yo entre tanto sólo tengo que hacer ... poco ... muy poco es lo que tengo que hacer; no recibirle, encerrarme en mi cuarto para mayor seguridad ... la cosa no es difícil ... pero, y si tropiezo con él antes de que pueda ponerme al corriente ... entonces ... no le miraré a la cara, ahuecaré la voz ... y le volveré pronto las espaldas ... tampoco esto es muy difícil ... con todo no yo si podré ... y por otra parte me parece tan extravagante....

"Don Luego responded by threatening the hardy sailor with death unless he pointed out where the contents of the lost galleon were concealed. The seaman suddenly sprang forward, wrenched the sword from his interrogator's hand, and, cutting a way through the surprised Spaniards, flung himself headlong from the vessel's side, and struck out for the shore.

The wild tribe had carried and placed the slain sailor by the spoils of the galleon which he had claimed for his own in the very face of Don Luego, the Spanish commander.

DOÑA MATILDE. Porque ni entonces quise, ni ahora quiero oír hablar de intereses ni parentescos. Eso queda bueno cuando se trata de esos monstruosos enlaces que se ven por ahí, en donde todo se ajusta como libra de peras, y en donde se quiere averiguar antes si habrá luego que comer, o si habrá con que educar los hijos que vendrán, o que quizá no vendrán. ¿Y yo había de pensar en eso?

The riches which the vessel carried were almost incredible, yet Don Luego had no word of praise or thanks for the sailors who toiled to convey it home across the stormy seas.

"Deserted by his men, Don Luego stood alone with his blood-red sword still gripped in his hand, for he expected no mercy from the sailors whom he had driven into rebellion. The chief mutineers gathered in a group and eagerly discussed the fate to be awarded to their defeated commander.

So pleased to have met you. Adios. May you travel well. Hasta luego. Adios. Que le vaya bien," and with a flip of the hand and a wriggling of the fingers he was gone. That evening I returned early to the "Hotel La Perla." Its entire force was waiting for me.

DOÑA MATILDE. No señor, sino que.... CASERO. ¿Y el Sr. D. Eduardo? DOÑA MATILDE. Acaba de salir.... CASERO. ¡Calle! ¡Y me había prometido que me pagaría por la mañana el mes adelantado! DOÑA MATILDE. Es que.... CASERO. ¡Mal principio ... muy malo, a fe mía! ¿Y cuando estará de vuelta? DOÑA MATILDE. Me dijo que volvería al anochecer y que luego....

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