He was a blunt-spoken, but warm-hearted man, with shaggy white beard and hair, and a voice and handshake as hearty as a gale of wind. To this abode of simple cordiality and good will, one summer day, and by invitation of the old captain's son Frank, came our battle-scarred and love-lorn friend Manson.

He sedulously avoided his love-lorn relative, and it was with a sinking feeling one day that, looking over his shoulder as he sat in the Cosmopolis grill-room preparatory to ordering lunch, he perceived Bill bearing down upon him, obviously resolved upon joining his meal. To his surprise, however, Bill did not instantly embark upon his usual monologue. Indeed, he hardly spoke at all.

Just as love-lorn Orlando ran about the forest of Arden carving on "Every tree The fair, the chaste, the unexpressive she," so this tough, rude savage, spent the, whole day smothering the marks that would "sad remembrance bring" of the poor creature for whom he had that kind of feeling that in the savage stands for love.

Rosa was alone in the vast hospital, save for the presence of her maid Linda, who had come through the lines with her and was, of course, under the Northern laws, free. Worse than all, she was poorly provided with money, and this need, rather than Vincent's love-lorn babbling about Olympia, reminded Rosa to call upon the Spragues for help.

A sobbing death-dirge from the bosom of a love-lorn child, and the perfume of all the "enclosed gardens" in the world shudders through your veins. And what about the ancient antagonist of the Earth? What about the Great Deep?

Barry just at present, so if you are love-lorn you had better go to bed." "Very well. When I am love-lorn I will. Now, what have you got to tell me?" "I have lent a man a large sum of money, two hundred and twenty-seven pounds!" "You are always lending people large sums of money." "I generally get it back again." "From Mr.

"Oh, very well, there's no trouble about that," Lionel said, and he gave him his hand for a second; after which the love-lorn youth somewhat hastily withdrew, and no doubt was glad to lose himself in the busy crowd of Piccadilly. That same afternoon Lionel drove down to Sloane Street.

Grey could hear the little, muttered exclamations in Italian; she could see how intently that expressive face followed the progress of the piece, reflecting its every movement, as it were; she caught a glimpse of tears on the long, dark lashes when Lionel was singing, with impassioned fervor, his love-lorn serenade; and then the next moment she was astonished by the vehemence of the girl's delight when the vast house thundered forth its applause indeed, Nina herself was clapping her hands furiously, to join in the universal roar of a recall she was laughing with joy she appeared to have gone mad.

When Corp came home from his work, she said that a poor, love-lorn female had called with a boot for him, and a request that he should carry it in the pocket of his Sabbath breeks. Worst of all, she listened to what he said in the night. Corp had a habit of talking in his sleep.

Three or four of them occasioned much merriment, for they were written by love-lorn swains whom the cruel hand of war had torn from their sweethearts. “Golly! it’s a wonder them letters hadn’t melted from the sweetness they contained,” remarked Sergeant Latham. “Or took fire from their warmth,” put in a boyish looking soldier.