One even attempted to tie strings to his feet and his hands to make him dance. For a while Pinocchio was very calm and quiet. Finally, however, he lost all patience and turning to his tormentors, he said to them threateningly: "Careful, boys, I haven't come here to be made fun of. I'll respect you and I want you to respect me." "Hurrah for Dr. Know-all!

Once she passed in Grand Street a detective she had often seen with him in Considine's at Broadway and Forty-second. The "bull" looked sharply at her. Her heart stood still. But he went on without recognizing her. The sharp glance had been simply that official expression of see-all and know-all which is mere formality, part of the official livery, otherwise meaningless.

This girl was something more than a young, naive creature from the country, childishly keen to do everything and go everywhere at fever heat something more than the very epitome of triumphant youth as clean and sweet as apple blossoms, with whom to flirt and pose as being the blase man of the world, the Mr. Know-All of civilization, a wild flower in a hot house.

Instant relief ensued, the dying child sat up and demanded baked beans. The grateful parent offered fifty dollars; but Mother Know-all indignantly refused it and went smiling away, declaring that a neighbourly turn needed no reward, and a doctor's fee was all a humbug. The audience were in fits of laughter over this scene, for Rose imitated Mrs.

The pellet was administered, and such awful agonies immediately set in that the distracted mamma bade a sympathetic neighbour run for Mother Know-all.

My lord, I have heard this Forget-Good say, that he could never abide to think of goodness, no, not for a quarter of an hour. Clerk. Where did you hear him say so? Hate. In All-base Lane, at a house next door to the sign of the Conscience seared with a hot iron. Clerk. Mr. Know-All, what can you say for our Lord the King against the prisoner at the bar? Know. My lord, I know this man well.

Many en many's de time dat I toted yo' Unk Jeems dat away, en Mars Jeems wuz heavier sot dan w'at you is." BIG 'possum clime little tree. Dem w'at eats kin say grace. Ole man Know-All died las' year. Better de gravy dan no grease 'tall. Dram ain't good twel you git it. Lazy fokes' stummucks don't git tired.

The most difficult man to deal with is the over-confident "know-all"; he is always ready to oppose experience often dearly bought with his superior knowledge, he can suggest a quicker or a cheaper way of doing everything, and in his last place he "never saw" your system followed. He is the penny-wise and pound-foolish individual, and his methods are "near enough."

The names of the witnesses were Mr. Know-All, Mr. Tell-True, Mr. Hate-Lies, with my Lord Willbewill and his man, if need were. So the prisoners were set to the bar. Then said Mr. Then said the Clerk, 'Atheism, hold up thy hand. This thou hast done against the being, honour, and glory of the King, and against the peace and safety of the town of Mansoul. What sayest thou?

My new nurses were always ready to answer questions and give me any information I wanted. Upon arriving at my new and sumptuous quarters, one of the nurses informed me that I was to receive a personal visit from the great Doctor Know-all that day.