Otherwise he was unintelligent and ordinary looking, one of the many thousands of New York young men who, graduates of the slums, have been left to shift for themselves, and whose chief intellectual pastime has been standing on street corners reading baseball returns. Not only had he no education, but he was rather proud of the fact, affecting to despise bookish people as prigs and "high-brows."

It was about the best stuff young Lewis had ever turned out and a fool like Hart, whose taste is distinctly precious, hasn't the wit to appreciate good, clean, straightforward English. He likes a mass of involved, wordy stuff that only the high-brows can understand." He broke off laughing.

The Southern Syncopated Orchestra, which played for some lengthy period in London a little while back, showed that popular music might yet be extremely clever and artistic in scope and performance. There were high-brow musicians who would not even go to listen to such, but preferred to condemn it unheard: the loss was emphatically that of the high-brows.

"Hold!" exclaimed the Angel: "This is blasphemy against Olympus, 'The Spectator, and other High-Brows." "I perceive," said the Angel, with a shrewd glance, "that you have something up your sleeve. Shake it out!"

With varying phraseology their writers either think we have hitherto misjudged England and that my facts are to the point, or they express the stereotyped American antipathy to England and treat my facts as we mortals mostly do when facts are embarrassing side-step them. What best pleased me was to find that soldiers and sailors agreed with me, and not "high-brows" only.

"Why, not going away!" the sergeant exclaimed in surprise. "That's about it." "My, my! What in the world shall we do without you! There'll be no one to take an interest in things down there now." "Oh, there'll be plenty, I guess." "You're the first one who ever did, and I'm damned sure those high-brows won't follow your lead. Not a bit of it!

For I pitied the unwieldy poor, the numberless muddle-headed crowds down there in the tenements, and it seemed to me perfectly criminal that a lot of these young high-brows should be allowed to stir them up. Their own thinking was so muddled, their views of life so out of gear. I a radical? No chance!

Knowing nothing of the good fun that is in books they deny themselves much pleasure, and take refuge in calling "high-brows" the men who have simply more common sense and capacity for enjoyment than themselves. Mr. Roosevelt, more than most men of his time, certainly more than any other public man, could enjoy to the utmost the best things the world has in it.

Well, I'm holding my own, Boyee. Up to date, old age hasn't scratched me with his claws to any noticeable extent is that the way it goes? see 'Familiar Quotations. I'm getting to be a regular book-worm, Hal. Shakespeare, R.L.S., Kipling, Arnold Bennett, Hall Caine all the high-brows. And I get 'em, too. Soak 'em right in. I love it! Tell me, who's this Balzac?

The letters on the Tower and Chawsir were palpable hits, and it was generally agreed that Punch had contained nothing better since the days of Yellow-plush. This opinion was not confined to the man in the street. It was shared by the high-brows of the reviews and the appreciative of society, and gained Artemus the entree wherever he cared to go.