The approach, a hundred paces or more, was guarded by twoscore mummies in black cases, standing upright along the pillars. "Watcher gawkin' at?" demanded the youth, grinning up at the staring Simpkins. "Lose dat farmer-boy face or it's back to de ole homestead for youse. Her royal nibs ain't lookin' for no good milker."

For it had never been known that a MacAllister vehicle had ever been filled, much less crowded, and its owner turned upon the young man in wrathful amazement. "Hoots, man! Ye're haverin'. Sit ye doon there! Annie bairn, jump in. What are ye gawkin' there aboot? Are ye scared o' the master?" There was no other course but obedience. Mr.

What are you gawkin' and starin' at?" Madison Clay had stared amazed and bewildered horror-stricken. The incidents of the past night for the first time flashed upon him clearly hopelessly!

Unfortunately for the old lady, it was altogether probable that Pomp spoke the truth this time. "Three and sixpence gone!" groaned Mrs. Payson. "Fust my bunnit, an' then my specs. I'm the most unfort'nit' crittur. Why don't you help me, Sam Thompson, instead of standin' and gawkin' at me?" she suddenly exclaimed, glaring at Sam. "I didn't know as you was ready," said Sam.

Pike, across the poop, leaping with incredible swiftness, sending his snarl before him. "Ease that wheel there! What the hell you gawkin' at? Steady her as I tell you. That's all you got to do!" From for'ard came a cry, and I knew Mr. Mellaire was on top of the for'ard-house and managing the fore-yards. "Now!" from Mr. Pike. "More spokes! Steady! Steady! And be ready to check her!"

The conductor was the first to gather his scattered faculties. "The lousy bums!" he cried fiercely. Then he added, with less ferocity and more regret, "The lousy bums!" A moment later he turned upon his comrades in the aggrieved fashion of one who would like to accuse. "'Taint no use in gawkin' around here," he cried sharply. "We're up agin it. That's how it is."

With a startled shriek she gave the pepper-pot such a shake that the lid flew off, and nearly all of the pepper went into the stew. "Jus' see what you done!" she scolded, as John Jay walked into the house an instant later. "Next time you come gawkin' in the window at me in the dark, I'll peppah you 'stid o' the rabbit!" John Jay hastened to change the subject.

"Gorl darn it, boys," came a peevish voice, from amidst the blanket, "'tain't smart, neither, playin' around when a feller's kind o' roundin' up his plug. How'm I goin' to cut that all-fired buckskin out o' the bunch wi' you gawkin' around like a reg'ment o' hoboes? Ef you don't reckon to fool any, why, some o' you git around an' head him off from the rest of 'em.

Every now an' again he backs off an' examines that pony as though he was actually worth stealin'. I couldn't make out what he was up to, so I stood in front of the hotel watchin' him. Purty soon up comes a tourist what has been lurkin' around in the distance. "What is the' about that pony that everybody takes such an interest in him for?" sez he, glancin' over to where us fellers was gawkin'.

Do what I tell you! And the rest of you men, what are you gawkin' at here? Get to work!" The men gave back, and some began to move away. Dr. Bailey walked quickly past Craigin into the midst of the group. "Men, I want to say something to you." His voice commanded their instant attention. "There are half a dozen of your comrades in this camp sick with diphtheria. I came up here to help.