"Have I no voice in the matter?" said Rhodopis, smiling through her tears. On hearing these words, Bartja and Sappho each took one of her hands, and gazed entreatingly into her face. She rose to her full stature, and like a prophetess exclaimed: "Eros, who brought you to each other, Zeus and Apollo defend and protect you.

They scampered after him a noisy tribe, begging to be taken down to the field, and holding out their six mugs entreatingly. "What! six cupfuls of milk, when I haven't a drop to spare, and Cook is always wanting more? Ridiculous nonsense! Get along with you; you may come to the field I can't hinder that but you'll get no milk to-day. Take your mugs back again to the kitchen."

"You can't treat your guardian like that! Do tell me what it's all about!" And bending forward, she laid her two small hands entreatingly on the girl's knee. She looked so frail and pitiful as she did so, in her plain black, that Helena was momentarily touched. For the first time her new chaperon appeared to her as something else than a mere receiver into which, or at which, it suited her to talk.

"No, no not now! next week let it not be till next week," she cried, in sudden apprehension, returning the pressure of his hand at the same time almost entreatingly it was the first he had had from her. "And then you are mine, Elizabeth?" "Yes, then" she tried to avoid meeting his eye. "Farewell, then, Elizabeth! But I shall come back on Saturday. I can't live for longer without seeing you."

"Have a care, sir," said Desborough, warningly. "Keep to yourself, my dear sir; no harm is done. But we must go; and if she won't go willingly, she will have to be carried, that's all. Do you hear me? Come on!" "Come, Katharine," said the colonel, entreatingly. "Oh, father, father, I cannot leave him! I love him!" "I know you do, dear; and worthy he is of your love too.

"Oh, just a silly, little occurrence, really not worth telling, about Princess Bielokonski's governess, Miss Smith, and oh, it is really not worth telling!" "No, no, we must have it!" cried Nastasia merrily. "Yes, of course," said Ferdishenko. "C'est du nouveau." "Ardalion," said Nina Alexandrovitch, entreatingly. "Papa, you are wanted!" cried Colia.

"Señoras, I pray for you, come into ze house at once!" spoke up the Señora again, turning entreatingly to the ladies. "I you promess, zat wen you an orange an' cup of coffee 'ave 'ad, you will yourselves better feel." "The Señora's right," broke in the Captain.

"Oh, do not ask me, love!" she said entreatingly, and he reluctantly yielded to her request; but light began to dawn upon him, sending an added pang to his heart; suddenly he remembered Lulu's former jealousy of the baby, her displeasure at its birth; and with a thrill of horror, he asked himself if this could be her work. He glanced about the room in search of her and Max. Neither was there.

I ought, however, to say that Paul Veronese has a very fine Venus and Adonis here, full of sunlight and summer beauty, and Christ Teaching the Doctors, nobly serious in character and admirable in treatment; also two sketches of Cain and of Vice and Virtue, very full of feeling for his subject. The Cain has his back toward you. His wife and child look up at him entreatingly.

She bowed proudly and advanced, but the prince held her back. "Do not go," said he, entreatingly, "do not go. Say first that you pardon me, that you are no longer angry. Oh, Wilhelmina, you do not know what I suffer; you can never know the anguish which tortures my soul." "I know it well; on the day of our marriage your highness explained all. It was not necessary to return to this bitter subject.