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I should like to hear Paderewski and Ysaye, Bauer and Casals, Kreisler and Hofmann all playing at the same recital. What a variety, what a wealth of contrasting artistic enjoyment such a concert would afford. There is nothing that is so enjoyable for the true artist as ensemble playing with his peers. Solo playing seems quite unimportant beside it. I, myself, Vo. I, Ysaye, Vo. I, Kreisler, Vo.

Her hand groped out behind her, found the table-cloth and began to scratch it agitatedly. She lifted her head. She was the actress, impressive and subjugating, and Edward Henry felt her power. Then she intoned: "Brightness falls from the air; Queens have died young and fair; Dust hath closed Helen's eye." And she ceased and sat down. There was a silence. "Bra vo!" murmured Carlo Trent.

He had all he could do not to fidget under her gaze; finally, she stood aside from the door and said, without enthusiasm: "B'en venu. C'est vo' masson." Simpson entered automatically. The kitchen, with its hard earth floor and the sunlight drifting in through the bamboo sides, was not unclean, and a savoury smell came from the stew-pot on the ramshackle stove.

In amending this error, however, Professor Owen fell into another of much graver import, as his communication concludes with the following paragraph: "For the true proportion in which the cerebrum covers the cerebellum in the highest Apes, reference should be made to the figure of the undissected brain of the Chimpanzee in my 'Reade's Lecture on the Classification, etc., of the Mammalia', p. 25, fig. 7, 8 vo. 1859."

WITH what differing emotions have the deni- zens of earth awaited the approach of to-day. Some sufferer has counted the vibrations of the pendulum impatient for its dawn, who, now that it has arrived, is anxious for its close. The vo- tary of pleasure, conscious of yesterday's void, wishes for power to arrest time's haste till a few more hours of mirth shall be enjoyed.

Then Walther relates his dream, meeting Sachs's request for a master-song by casting it as he goes, with the light ease of genius, into verse and melody, his second astonishing improvisation, joyous as the first, but not agitated reflective, as if he filled Sordello's account of himself: "I' mi son un che quando Amore spira, noto, e quel che detta dentro vo significando."

The gilded establishment claiming attention from travelers is conducted by a couple of Chinese worthies, by name Ung Hang and Hung Vo, according to the business card deferentially handed you at your hotel, and the signs in front of it and the legends painted on great lanterns proclaim it as a first-chop Casa de Jogo, and a gambling-house that is "No. 1" in all respects.

May be viewed four days prior to the sale, and catalogues had. Recently published in 8 vols. 8 vo., price 4l. 16s. cloth By J. PAYNE COLLIER, Esq., F.S.A. Author of "The History of English Dramatic Poetry and the Stage," &c. &c. The Type of this edition has been expressly cast for it, and is the largest used for Shakespeare's Works for these Twenty Years.

Monsieur Favart turned round and saw the Pole making himself as small as possible behind the goodly proportions of Madame Beavor. "What name does that gentleman go by?" "So vo lofski, the heroic Pole," cried Madame Beavor, with sundry misgivings at the unexpected cowardice of so great a patriot. "Hein! take care of yourselves, ladies. I have nothing against that person this time.

Compare, too, the letter of Sebastian, Oct. 15, 1512, in which Julius is reported to have said, "È terribile, come tu vedi, non se pol praticar con lui." Again, Michael Angelo writes: "Sto sempesolo, vo poco attorno e non parlo a persona e massino di fiorentini." Gotti, p. 255.