This increase of glory manifested itself in different ways. Almost every year the rumour of his death was spread abroad, malignantly, as he himself thinks. Again, all sorts of writings were ascribed to him in which he had no share whatever, amongst others the Epistolae obscurorum virorum. But, above all, his correspondence increased immensely.

Cetera jam fabulosa: Hellusios et Oxionas ora hominum vultusque, corpora atque artus ferarum, gerere: quod ego, ut incompertum, in medium relinquam. Cap. 1. Scribendi clarorum virorum vitam mos antiquus, 2. sub malis principibus periculosus, 3. sub Trajano in honorem Agricolae repetitus a Tacito, qui non eloquentiam, at pietatem pollicetur. 4. Agricolae stirps, educatio, studia. 5.

But we have nothing like the famous Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum, which are the very triumph of the style. See the extensive classification of the Greeks, as noticed and reproduced before. The "Letter to Sir W. Windham" of the one and the "Letter to a noble Lord" of the other, have ample justification. Letters on a Regicide Peace, great as they are in themselves, have less claim to their title.

There are many hidden secrets. `Ut sunt Divorum, Mars, Bacchus, Apollo, Virorum, many parts of the globe to traverse, `Ut Cato, Virgilius, fluviorum, ut Tibris, Orontes. All these have I visited, and many more. Even now do I journey to obtain more of my invaluable medicine, gathered on the highest Andes, when the moon is in her perigee.

The Gallic bank of the Rhine, which was the border of the Roman Empire, cf. G. passim. Quos indicium illustravit. Whom the account of so wonderful an adventure rendered illustrious. The rule would require the subj. See especially proximo anno, 34. Hence the propriety of commencing a new section here. The common editions begin it below: Igitur, etc. Plerique. Cf. note on it, 1. Fortium virorum.

If you undertake to paraphrase what he says, and to reduce it to words of one syllable for infant minds, you will make as sad work of it as the good monk with his analysis of Homer in the "Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum." We look upon him as one of the few men of genius whom our age has produced, and there needs no better proof of it than his masculine faculty of fecundating other minds.

So also Cic. and Sall., pass. Exercitus is subject nom., promptus being understood, as pred.; and plurimum virorum equorumque explains or rather enforces exercitus: and, if the case demand, an army, the greatest abundance of men and horses. Quiescentibus, i.e. bellum non gerentibus; eadem, i.e. the same, as if engaged in war. XXXVI. Cherusci. See his achievements in Ann. B. 1, and 2.

With nothing like the satiric humor of the "Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum," it appeals to a much larger circle of readers. We are very glad to meet it again in so handsome a dress, and with such really clever illustrations. It is just the book for a Christmas gift. Reynard the Fox, after the German Version of Goethe. By THOMAS JAMES ARNOLD, Esq.

There it was: the old spout, the old familiar allegory of Mars, Bacchus, Apollo virorum, and the rest, that I had so often looked at from Hofarchitect Speck's window, as I sat there, by the side of Dorothea. The old gentleman had given me one of these very pipes; for he had hundreds of them painted, wherewith he used to gratify almost every stranger who came into his native town.

Cic. in his Epist. to Lucceius says: If I cannot obtain this favor from you, I shall perhaps be compelled to write my own biography, multorum exemplo et clarorum virorum. When ipse is joined to a possessive pronoun in a reflexive clause, it takes the case of the subject of the clause. Cf. Fiduciam morum. A mark of conscious integrity; literally confidence of, i.e. in their morals.