When the shot was fired Brownson turned to a gunner and ordered him to shoot into the Trajano at the water line and about six feet from the stern. The order was misunderstood and was sent across the Trajano's bow instead. "Trajano, ahoy!" hailed Brownson. "If you fire again I will sink you." Not a shot was fired.

Two American ships, the Amy and the Good News, were anchored under the guns of two of the insurgent fleet. As the Detroit passed close by the Trajano, a marine on that ship raised a musket and fired a bullet over the heads of the sailors on the Amy, which was following close behind the Detroit.

Trajano Romanorum Imperatori, Wilhelmus Imperator Germanorum! But all that Hohenstaufen-Hohenzollern genealogy is mythical history. Compared with the ancient House of Habsburg or of Bourbon, the Hohenzollern may well be called theparvenusof royalty.

But one of them, who was a great philosopher, said in my favour, "From the admirable symmetry of shape and happy physiognomy of this young man, I venture to engage that he will perform all he promises, and more." The Pope replied, "I am of the same opinion;" then calling Trajano, his gentleman of the bed-chamber, he ordered him to fetch me five hundred ducats.

The ships were clearing for action, and the cruiser "Detroit" took a position from which she could command two of Da Gama’s vessels, the "Guanabara" and the "Trajano." When the "Detroit" was in position, the "Amy" began to warp in towards the pier. A musket-shot came in warning from the deck of the "Guanabara." Instantly from the "Detroit" a ball hurtled past the bow of the Brazilian ship.