Nec te, memorande, relinquam true Tom Lynton! not clever, not even high-bred, but loved by every one for the honestest and kindest heart that ever was the kernel of a rough rind. Do we not remember that supper where the Fathers of England were being discussed?

Because they have nothing to lose. Illis. Emphatic. They, unlike others, have no need, &c. Cf. apud illos, 44. In medium relinquam. Leave for the public, i.e. undecided. Relinquere in medio is the more common expression. Boetticher in his Lex. Tac. explains it, as equivalent by Zeugma to in medium vocatum relinquam in medio. So in Greek, en and eis often interchange.

It is the fervent aspiration of my spirit, that I may so perform the task which private gratitude and public duty impose on me, that "as God hath cut this tree of paradise down from its seat of earth, the dead trunk may yet support a part of the declining temple, or at least serve to kindle the fire on the altar." Si partem tacuisse velim, quodeumque relinquam, Majus erit.

Fellow-citizens, I now bring this address to a close, by expressing to you, in the words of the great Roman orator, the deepest wish of my heart, and which I know dwells deeply in the hearts of all who hear me: "Duo modo haec opto; unum, UT MORIENS POPULUM ROMANUM LIBERUM RELINQUAM; hoc mihi majus a diis immortalibus dari nihil potest: alterum, ut ita cuique eveniat, ut de republicâ quisque mereatur."