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There was no bishop to perform the ceremony, nor any duke to give away the bride. No long array of liveried servants with favours in their buttons and in their hats no pompous paragraph in the morning papers to describe the beauties of the high-bred bride and the dresses of her aristocratic bridesmaids but two hearts were united as well as two hands, and Heaven smiled upon the union.

In instinct, in thought, in word, he had shown himself a very gallant, high-bred gentleman child though he was. And this gave Katherine not only proud comfort in the present, but cheered the future with hope. "Look here, Dickie, darling," she said softly at last, "tell me a little more about your talk with Dr. Knott."

The auctioneer asked her for no deposit; her beautiful, innocent, and high-bred face was enough for a man who was always reading faces, and interpreting them. And so they retired. But this charming sex is like that same auctioneer's hammer, it cannot go abruptly. It is always going going going a long time before it is gone.

Mother, in compliance with your wishes my father left Ireland left his home, his duties, his friends, his natural connexions, and for many years he has lived in England, and you have spent many seasons in London. 'Yes, in the very best company in the very first circles, said Lady Clonbrony; 'cold as the high-bred English are said to be in general to strangers.

Taking Walpole as the head, and nothing can be happier than his mixture of keen remark, intelligent knowledge of his time, high-bred ease of language, and exquisite point and polish of anecdote; his followers, even in these few volumes, show that there were many men, even in the midst of all the practical business and nervous agitation of public life, not unworthy of their master.

"All these questions and answers passed through my mind in a moment; but the oaths of Don Fernando, the witnesses he appealed to, the tears he shed, and lastly the charms of his person and his high-bred grace, which, accompanied by such signs of genuine love, might well have conquered a heart even more free and coy than mine these were the things that more than all began to influence me and lead me unawares to my ruin.

His portraits make him seem a high-bred and high-spirited Prussian, with an intellectual and clean-cut forehead; a face that has a sense of humor, and yet one capable of swift and cogent thought. No man of ordinary talents could have won the admiration of so many compeers.

It is your fault for being so kind and good." He was ecstatic when he left the house with Quintan. "I didn't know there were such women in the world," he said. "So noble, so winning and high-bred. It makes you understand history to meet people like that. Mary Queen of Scots, Marie Antoinette and all those, you know they must have been like that. I I could understand a man dying for Miss Latimer!"

Nothing could be imagined more delicate, more delicious, more enchanting than the high-bred distinction and soft womanlike tone of that performance. The character, at the climax of this scene, is made to manifest decision, firmness, and force; and the superb manner in which she set the maternal authority at naught and stood by her lover might seem to denote a nature that no tyranny could subdue.

The awkward bustle they made, facing and backing, placing and changing of places, and the difficulty they found in seating themselves, were in striking contrast with the high-bred ease of the ladies of our party.

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