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"Jist remember Game Boy; see, ye can't forget a big bay wit' a white nigh fore leg, an' a bit rat-tailed. Yes, Game Boy's all right," monologued Mike; "but here's a better; this is Diablo. He must have tabasco in his head, fer he's got the divil's own timper.

"It's ownly his nasty timper, though; an' he vints it on them poor harmless things bekase he's too much av a coward to have it out wid them that angers him," replied Tim Rooney, adding, as another crash resounded from the distance: "Jist he'r him now. Bedad he's havin' a foine fling this toime, an' no misthake at all, at all!" "What is he doing?"

A divil of a timper always both of us had, but the good-nature was with me, and I didn't drink and gamble and carry a pistol. It's ten years since he did the killing, down in Quebec, and I don't suppose the police will get him now. He's been counted dead. I recognised him here the night after I asked her how she liked the name of Finden. She doesn't know that I ever knew him.

He's preparing a quare bed of repentance for himself, so he is, the langwidge he's usin' about her all over the house. By-and-by he'll be rememberin' she's Sir Gerald's widdy, and'll be askin' me ashamed-like, 'I hope I didn't say too much about her Ladyship in my timper, Pat. She's a tryin' woman, a very tryin' woman.

"Thrue for you, sir," says Phaddhy; "but as to going wanst a month, I'm afeard, your Rev'rence, if it would shorten my timper as it does Katty's, that we'd be bad company for one another; she comes home from confession, newly set, like a razor, every bit as sharp; and I'm sure that I'm within the truth when I say there's no bearing her."

I was loath to do ut, but I wint round an' swung into the jaw side-on an' shifted ut a half pace to the lef'. "Will ye hear reason now?" sez I; "I can't keep my timper much longer, an' 'tis like I will hurt you." "Not whoile I can stand," he mumbles out av one corner av his mouth. So I closed an' threw him blind, dumb, an' sick, an' jammed the jaw straight.

He strook him! screeches out Scrub Greene, who was always a lawyer; an' some of the men tuk up the shoutin'. "'Peg out that man! sez me orf'cer bhoy, niver losin' his timper; an' the non-coms wint in and pegged out Scrub Greene by the side av Peg Barney. "I cud see that the draf' was comin' roun'. The men stud not knowin' fwhat to do. "'Get to your tents! sez me orf'cer bhoy.

Do ye mind the white dog that belongs to the Canteen Sargint, bad cess to him he that's lost half his time an' snarlin' the rest? He shall be lost for good now; an' do ye mind that he's the very spit in shape an' size av the Colonel's, barrin' that his tail is an inch too long, an' he has none av the colour that divarsifies the rale Rip, an' his timper is that av his masther an' worse.

What's come over you at all? or do you ever intend to marry? you have refused every one for so far widout either rhyme or raison. Why, Peggy, what father's timper could stand this work?" "Ha, ha, ha! like raipin' hooks, father an' so the little red rogue couldn't bear that? well, at all events, the comparison's a good one sorra better; ha, ha, ha reapin' hooks!"

And Teddy began to show unmistakable signs of getting ready. "Sorry didn't mean feel bad." "Oh blarney! Why didn't ye stick to it, and jist give me a chance to express meself? But all's right; only, be careful and don't say anything like it again, that's all. Pass along the jug, to wash me timper down, ye know." By this time Teddy's ideas were beginning to be confused, and his manner maudlin.