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"W'y, massa, you gwine to make a Roman candle ob dat?" He turned for an answer, but Mark had hastily quitted the house. Encountering the Secretary in the court-yard, he took his arm and said, "I want your help." "Well, you shall have it. But you are so mys mys what is it sterious about your leetil plans, that I fear my help is not useful."

The typical Old High German forms are singular fuoss, plural fuossi; singular mus, plural musi. The corresponding Middle High German forms are fuoss, füesse; mus, müse. Modern German Fuss: Füsse, Maus: Mäuse are the regular developments of these medieval forms. Turning to Anglo-Saxon, we find that our modern English forms correspond to fot, fet; mus, mys.

But when the school-children came flocking in the next morning, she felt more than repaid for her work. The shop resounded with theOh mys,” andOh looks,” of their surprise and delight. Indeed, the room seemed full of twinkling yellow faces. Lines of them grinned in the doorway. Rows of them smirked from the shelves. A frieze, close-set as peas in a pod, grimaced from the molding.

The Garden was not only a philosophical school; it was also a sort of retreat or religious community. There lived there not only philosophers like Mêtrodôrus, Colôtes, Hermarchus, and others; there were slaves, like Mys, and free women, like Themista, the wife of Leonteus, to both of whom the Master, as the extant fragments testify, wrote letters of intimate friendship.

Some of theise ben clept Jacobytes: for seynt Jame converted hem, and seynt John baptized hem. They seyn, that a man schal maken his confessioun only to God, and not to a man: for only to Him, scholde man zelden him gylty of alle, that he hathe mys don.

And zif ony of here wyfes mys beren hem azenst hire husbonde, he may caste hire out of his house; and departe from him, and take another: but he schalle departe with hire his godes. Also whan men speken to hem, of the Fadre and of the Sone and of the Holy Gost, thei seyn, that thei ben 3 persones; but not o God. For here Alkaron spekethe not of the Trynyte.

"None whatever," replied Miss Gentle, laughing. "Well, then, to let you understand my feelings, I shall explain. I have a brother a dear little fellow like mys ah, excuse me; I did not mean dear like myself, but little. Well, he is a naturalist. He lives in London, and is not a very successful naturalist; indeed, I may say that he is an unfortunate and poor naturalist. Last year he failed.

The exertions of Clinias, although they proved unavailing, were gratefully acknowledged by the present of a large silver bowl, on which the skilful artificer, Mys, had represented, with exquisite delicacy, the infant Dionysus watched by the nymphs of Naxos. In the midst of this generosity, the services of Geta and Milza were not forgotten.

Everything, then, is clear. The uneas- iness of the crew, their frequent conferences, Owen's mys- terious words, the constant scourings of the deck and the oppressive heat of the cabins which had been noticed even by my fellow-passengers, all are explained. After his grave communication, Curtis remained silent.

"But I'll get it, and then my fortune will be made. Oh, how glad I am!" Well, Uncle Wiggily reached his paw down and made a grab for the red and green and gold and yellow thing, but to his surprise, instead of lifting up a pot of gold, he lifted up a squirming, wiggling sunfish. "Oh, my!" exclaimed the rabbit in surprise. "I should say yes! Two Oh mys and another one!" gasped the fish.

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