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And on the heighte of that pynacle, the Jewes setten Seynt Jame, and casted him down to the erthe, that first was Bisschopp of Jerusalem. And at the entree of that temple, toward the west, is the zate that is clept Porta speciosa. And nyghe besyde that temple, upon the right syde, is a chirche covered with leed, that is clept Salomones Scole.

Some of theise ben clept Jacobytes: for seynt Jame converted hem, and seynt John baptized hem. They seyn, that a man schal maken his confessioun only to God, and not to a man: for only to Him, scholde man zelden him gylty of alle, that he hathe mys don.

In that hill Tabor our Lord transfigured him before Saint Peter, Saint John and Saint Jame; and there they saw, ghostly, Moses and Elias the prophets beside them.

There was still a sickening odour of illuminating gas in the room, although the windows were now all open. Kennedy, with provoking calmness in the excitement, turned from and ignored Dr. Burnham. "Have you summoned Dr. Scott?" he asked Mrs. Martin. "No," she replied, surprised. "Should I have done so?" "Yes. Send Jame immediately. Mr. Prescott, will you kindly be seated for a few moments."

James was more distant from his country than that of any other of the Apostles. And those are called romei who go to Rome, where these whom I call pilgrims were going. Chaucer says, the Wif of Bathe "Had passed many a straunge streem; At Rome sche hadde ben, and at Boloyne, In Galice at Seynt Jame, and at Coloyne."

In that hille Thabor, oure Lord transfigured him before seynt Petre, seynt John and seynt Jame; and there they sawghe gostly Moyses and Elye the prophetes besyde hem: and therefore seyde seynt Petre, Domine, bonum est nos hic esse; faciamus tria Tabernacula; that is to seye, Lorde, it is gode for us to ben here; make we here 3 dwellying places.

From jamar, the infinitive of "to eat," the regular conjugation should be jame, "I have eaten." From lillar, "to take," lille, "I have taken." Yet, some old gipsies say, as an exception, jayon and lillon. I am not acquainted with any other verbs which have preserved this ancient form.

"Your stinkand schule that standis dirk Halds the light from your Parroche Kirk, Your forestairs makis your houses mirk Like na country but here at hame Think ye not shame, Sa little policie to work In hurt and sklander of your name? "At your hie Croce, where gold and silk Should be, there is but curds and milk, And at your Tron but cokill and wilk, Pansches, puddings, of Jok and Jame.

I saw two come in, the Eclipse, Commander Jame de Bellecroix, and the Laurier, Captain Duquesne, which had been dismasted in the gale, and which had rigged up temporary spars, by means of which they had contrived to crawl into port.

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