Oh, sir! but she would have had a proud heart to see you in her dwelling, for she had a genteel turn, and would not let me, her only daughter, mess or mell wi' the lathron lasses of the clachan. Ay, ay, she brought me up with care, and edicated me for a lady: nae coarse wark darkened my lily-white hands. But I maun work now; I maun dree the penalty of man."

"'Well, whatcher want? he wheezed with returning breath. "'I want Spargo, the only Spargo. "'Then leave go, an' I'll glide an' see. "'No you don't, my lily-white. And I took a tighter grip on his collar. 'No bouncers in mine, understand! I'll go along." Leith dreamily surveyed the long ash of his cigar and turned to me.

I recklect one of the verses went: "'Lord Ronald had the lily-white dough "'Lord Ronald had the lily-white dough, Which he gave to his cousin, Lady Clare. Say, wasn't he generous? 'give to his cousin Lady Clare' an' good gracious! O, excuse me! I didn't mean to jolt your tray like that, but I just couldn't help flyin' up, for I got an idea! True as you live, I got an idea!"

There are a few 'lily-white' votes cast on the other side, they tell me, sort of a registered kick for conscience's sake, I suppose, but it is just a matter of form, and nobody gets excited over it. They are trifles lighter than air, yet "'Small things should not unheeded be, Nor atoms due attention lack, We all know well the miseree Occasioned by an unseen tack!

"Don't see any, and don't want any! I'm not afraid of staining my lily-white fingers. You'd better put those sweetbreads in cold water to blanch them, and cut up some bread to dry out a little for the squab stuffing." "For goodness gracious sake! Do you know it all?" exclaimed Patty, looking at him in amazement. "Yes, I know everything in all the world. I'm a terrible knower!" "You are so!

The "Lucy Ann" has adopted a new style of Binnakle light, in the shape of a red-headed girl, who sits up over the compass. It works well. The artist I spoke about in my larst has returned to Philadelphy. Before he left I took his lily-white hand in mine.

"Well, I'll tell ye, Willie; if you hit me with that lily-white hand of yourn, and I find it out the same day, I'll promise to stay off'n your range for a year." "All right," replied Hardy, suddenly throwing away his hat. "You noticed it when I hit you before, didn't you?" he inquired, edging quickly in on his opponent and beginning an amazing bout of shadow boxing. "Well, come on, then!"

Sorelli, who wished to be alone for a moment to "run through" the speech which she was to make to the resigning managers, looked around angrily at the mad and tumultuous crowd. It was little Jammes the girl with the tip-tilted nose, the forget-me-not eyes, the rose-red cheeks and the lily-white neck and shoulders who gave the explanation in a trembling voice: "It's the ghost!"

For the woman was speaking now, holding out a lily-white hand to her and bidding her be seated in the Chinese willow chair that stood close by the wheeled one; a great green silk cushion at the back, and a large palm leaf fan on the table beside it. "I am so pleased that you came over," Mrs. Brownleigh was saying. "I have been wondering if some one wouldn't come to me.

It was men full of life and the interest of the great game paying passing homage to their helpless comrades in this place of healing. As they rode past, a few of the troopers had a glimpse of the figure dimly outlined at the window. Some made kindly jests, cheffing each other "Your fancy, old sly-boots? Arranged it all, eh? Watch me, Lizzie, as I pass, and wave your lily-white hand!"