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It's only now an' then, as I observes former, that Injuns invades Wolfville; an' when they does, we-all scowls 'em outen camp-sort o' makes a sour front, so as to break 'em early of habits of visitin' us. We shore don't hone none to have 'em hankerin' 'round.

"For goodness' sake, Shadrach!" exclaimed Zoeth, "what have you been thinkin' of? There I was waitin' and waitin' and hankerin' and hankerin' and no you nor no supper. I had to lock up the store finally. 'Twas either that or starve. I ain't a fault-finder, generally speakin', but I have to eat, same as other folks." His partner paid not the least attention.

"What did ye bring me for?" retorted the girl shrilly. "I might hev stayed with Aunt Marty. I wasn't hankerin' to come." "Bring ye for?" repeated her father contemptuously; "I reckoned ye might he o' some account here, whar wimmin folks is skeerce, in the way o' helpin', and mebbe gettin' yer married to some likely feller. Mighty much chance o' that, with yer yaller face and skin and bones."

"I went in Laramie's place fer grub. Some feller I never seen before come in from the hall an' hit Laramie an' wrestled him on the floor. I went out. Then this big ranger chased me an' fetched me here. I didn't do nothin'. This ranger's hankerin' to arrest somebody. Thet's my hunch, Longstreth." Longstreth said something in an undertone to Judge Owens, and that worthy nodded his great bushy head.

"But I must know, too. It is of the utmost importance that I know," said Durward, and after a moment's reflection, Joel answered "Wall, I don't s'pose it'll do any hurt if I tell you. When I was a boy I had a hankerin' for 'Leny, and I didn't get over it after I was grown, either, so a year or two ago I thought I'd go to Kentuck and see her. Knowin' how tickled she and Mrs.

"He ain't no hankerin' for nettin'. He ain't been right since Orn Skinner shot the gamekeeper." "He air my brat," replied Longman, "and he air good, if he does do what he oughtn't to sometimes. I air satisfied with him.... Let's go home." And, silently, as a spectral fleet, the boats lapped their way back, edging the shore carefully.

"You don't suppose he could be hankerin' after Phrony for her property, do you?" "No, I do not," said Keith, positively, relieved that at last a question was put which he could answer directly. "Because she ain't got any," asserted the squire. "She's got prospects; but I'm goin' to remove them. It don't do for a young woman to have too much prospects.

"But you don't tell me where he is, Pete!" He ignored the interruption and said with slow malice, watching her face: "I've often thought what a shame it was that you two never got together a hankerin' for each other so." Something in his tone struck terror to her heart. "But you're going to tell me, Pete? You are! You are!" She crawled closer to the bunk, on her knees.

"To show off," sez I, coldly, "and to make other folks show off who have a hankerin' after fashion and display." He did not frame a reply to me he had no frame. I told Josiah this mornin' I wanted to go to the place where they had flowers, and plants, and roses, and things I felt that duty wuz a-drawin' me.

"Sojourner," said the Professor to her, one day, when he heard her singing, "you seem to be very sure about heaven." "Well, I be," she answered, triumphantly. "What makes you so sure there is any heaven?" "Well, 'cause I got such a hankerin' arter it in here," she said, giving a thump on her breast with her usual energy.