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They may be true; but it's easier and pleasanter to look the other way. As for me, I want to, but can't. I just got to take things as they are and as they come. Forgettin' weeds in the back yard don't get rid of 'em. I'm apt to paw around and see where the roots spread to. Meanwhile J. Bayard has stepped over by the window and signals me to follow. "Disgusting, isn't it?" says he.

Judge Prency, an' she's comin' for it this afternoon; but I'm that sleepy that " Larry's head gently sought the wall again. "An' a very good woman she is, Larry. Brace up, my boy, why don't you, an' finish your work?" "Eh? Say 'Brace up' to somebody that's not got anythin' in him to brace him down. She kin wait for her shoe while I'm havin' my aise an' forgettin' all about work."

"It seems to me I can't sleep without something to eat," Charley complained. "I just can't stand it much longer, that's all." "Try gettin' asleep," counseled Toby, "and when you gets asleep you'll be forgettin' about bein' hungry."

You came because " She stopped abruptly, struck by another phase of the situation. "Did you leave Cheyenne without riding to-day?" "I didn't want to ride. I'm fed up on ridin'." "You threw away the championship and a thousand-dollar prize to to " "You're forgettin' Cole Sanborn," he laughed. "No, honest, I came on business. But since I'm here say, Rose, where can we have a talk?

"I I just thought I wanted her to have it, ma'am," he said, turning to Mrs. Armstrong. "'Twould keep her from from forgettin' me altogether, maybe. . . . Not that there's any real reason why she should remember me, of course," he added. Barbara was hurt and indignant. "Of COURSE I shan't forget you, Mr. Winslow," she declared. "Neither will Petunia. And neither will Mamma, I know.

"I don't know anything about it," said Tim, in a fright. "Some folks forgets easy," returned Dick. "I know a man what went into Tiffany's and took up a watch to look at, and carried it off, forgettin' to pay for it. That's what he told the judge the next day, and the judge sent him to the island for a few months to improve his memory. The air over to the island is very good to improve the memory."

"That's the advantage the rest of the country has over us when it comes to exposin'. They can expose an' expose, an' all the folks who read about it forget an' forget, but here in this community it's different an' you can't count on our forgettin' things a tall, an' if Elijah was turned loose I'll venture to say every last one o' them papers would be saved until doomsday.

Pretty good stowage room below decks? About so much, eh?" Mrs. Snow interrupted. "Zelotes," she said reprovingly, "ain't you forgettin' somethin'?" "Eh? Forgettin'? Heavens to Betsy, so I am! Lord, we thank thee for these and all other gifts, Amen. What did I do with the fork; swallow it?" As long as he lives Albert Speranza will not forget that first meal in the home of his grandparents.

I besiege your most noble onnur to ponderate mercifooly of these thinks, and of a dockin of the entail, and of a settin of the deeds of the lawyers to work. Whereby every think may in sitch a case be made safe and secure, not forgettin Wenbourne Hill; and the willdurness, and mayhap the hermuttidge, and the grotto. For why, your noble onnur?

I reckon I'll never come back this way. Shucks!" he added, leaving the door and coming back a little way into the room; "I expect I'm excited. I come near forgettin'. It's about the idol an' the money an' the ranch. I don't want any of them. They're yours. You've earned them an' you deserve them.

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