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The further fatal Consequences of these unhappy Defects in Nature, where she has damn'd a Man to Wit and Rhyme, has been loss of Inheritance, Parents being aggravated by the obstinate young Beaus, resolving to be Wits in spight of Nature, the wiser Head has been obliged to Confederate with Nature, and with-hold the Birth-right of Brains, which otherwise the young Gentleman might have enjoy'd, to the great support of his Family and Posterity.

But of the States that are order'd and grounded as that of France, it is impossible to become master at such ease: and from hence grew the frequent rebellions of Spain, France, and Greece against the Romans, by reason of the many Principalities those States had: whereof while the memory lasted, the Romans were alwayes doubtfull of the possession of them; but the memory of them being quite wip't out, by the power and continuance of the Empire, at length they enjoy'd it securely; and they also were able afterwards fighting one with another, each of one them to draw after them the greater part of those provinces, according as their authority had gain'd them credit therein: and that because the blood of their ancient Lords was quite spent, they acknowledg'd no other but the Romans.

Look back, then, through the long track of the past years. How has it been with thee? Are there bright beacons of happiness enjoy'd, and of good done by the way? Glimmer gentle rays of what was scatter'd from a holy heart? Have benevolence, and love, and undeviating honesty left tokens on which thy eyes can rest sweetly? Is it well with thee, thus? Answerest thou, it is?

If yet too young, and easily deceived, A worthless prey scarce bends your pliant rod, Him, piteous of his youth and the short space He has enjoy'd the vital light of heaven, Soft disengage, and back into the stream The speckled captive throw. But should you lure From his dark haunt, beneath the tangled roots Of pendant trees, the monarch of the brook, Behoves you then to ply your finest art.

But I must reserve a description of these trips until another letter, as I am sure you will be heartily tired by the time you have got through my griffonage. 'I have enjoy'd all this summer most excellent health, and the climate has completely left off its baneful influence upon me, thank God.

"What's soon obtain'd, we nauseously receive, All hate the victory that's got with leave: We scorn the good our happy isle brings forth, But love whatever is of foreign growth: Not that the fish that distant waters feed, Do those excel that in our climate breed; But these are cheaply taken, those came far, With difficulty got, and cost us dear: Thus the kind she, abroad, we admire above Th' insipid lump, at home of lawful love: Yet once enjoy'd, we strait a new desire, And absent pleasures only do admire."

For if those pre-successes were all if they ended at that if nothing more were yielded than so far appears a gross materialistic prosperity only America, tried by subtlest tests, were a failure has not advanced the standard of humanity a bit further than other nations. Or, in plain terms, has but inherited and enjoy'd the results of ordinary claims and preceding ages.

Jupiter in his seraglio above, not finding one that can please his appetite, sins upon earth, yet injures nobody: the nymph wou'd have stifl'd her passion for Hylas, had she believ'd the lusty Hercules wou'd have been his rival: Apollo turns Hyacinth into a flower: and every image enjoy'd its wishes without a rival: but I have caress'd, as the dearest friend, the greatest villain.

Hierenimus Cardanus writes of a Maid which was got with Child by a Devil, she thinking it had been a fair young Man who had Enjoy'd her; and some Witches fancy they have been at the Sabbath, and Caress'd by the Devil, whose Privy Parts were full of Bristles, Scaly, and the Seed cold as Ice; but this has proceeded only from a distracted Brain: Besides we learn from Scripture that Devils being pure Spirits, are quite different Substances from those of Men.

Upon which he enter'd the vault, and seeing a very beautiful woman, amaz'd at first, he fancy'd 'twas a spirit, but viewing the dead body, and considering her tears and torn face, he soon guest, as it was, that the lady cou'd not bear the loss of her husband: he brings his supper with him into the vault, and began to perswade the mournful lady not to continue her unnecessary grief, nor with vain complaints consume her health: That death was common to all men; and many other things he told her, that use to restore afflicted persons to that calmness they before enjoy'd: But she mov'd anew at the comfort a stranger offer'd, redoubl'd her grief, and tearing her hair, cast it on the body that lay before her.