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There being a heavy breach of sea at the eastern creek, we landed, though not without difficulty, on the western side, every one seeming more eager than another to get upon the rock; and never did hungry men sit down to a hearty meal with more appetite than the artificers began to pick the dulse from the rocks.

"I'm not going to bother cooking any dinner for just Davy and myself today," she said. "That cold ham bone will do for noon lunch and I'll have some steak fried for you when you come home at night." "I'm going to help Mr. Harrison haul dulse this morning," announced Davy. "He asked me to, and I guess he'll ask me to dinner too. Mr. Harrison is an awful kind man. He's a real sociable man.

It was the largest of them, and was red hot when he drew it from the fire, but soon cooled down enough to resume its natural color, although it retained an intense heat. Over this he spread some of the wet dulse, which soon crackled and shrivelled up, sending forth a rich and fragrant steam.

He worked for a long time before he found the angle at which they would stick. Everybody took a hand at the head. Maida contributed some dulse for the hair, slitting it into ribbons, which she stuck on with glue. Rosie found a broken clothes-pin for the nose. The round, smooth coals that Dicky discovered in the coal-hod made a pair of expressive black eyes.

She carried her head at its highest and she moved across the room with her most important air. As she stood a moment gazing at the things in the show case, she had never seemed more patronizing. “A cent’s worth of dulse, please,” she said airily. “Dulse?” Maida repeated questioningly; “I guess I haven’t any. What is dulse?”

What would I do without you? I’ll put everything down in a book so that I shan’t forget them.” She limped over to the desk. There the black head bent over the golden one. “What is dulse?” Maida demanded first. “Don’t you know what dulse is?” Rosie asked incredulously. “Maida, you are the queerest child. The commonest things you don’t know anything about.

He had found all the different articles that he had thought of and his new acquisitions were now lying about him. These were, Clams, Lobsters, Mussels, Shrimps, Dulse. As he murmured to himself the list of things, he smiled triumphantly. But still there was work to be done. Tom intended to keep fashionable hours, and dine late, with only a lunch in the middle of the day.

"Now, boys, lend a hand with the forge," cried the smith, hurrying towards his anvil. Those who were not busy eating dulse responded to the call, and in a short time the ponderous matériel of the smithy was conveyed to the beacon, where, in process of time, it was hoisted by means of tackle to its place on the platform to which reference has already been made.

Dulse is roasted by twisting it round the tongs fired to a red-heat, and the house was soon heavy with the smell of burning sea-weed. Leeby was at the dresser munching it from a broth-plate, while Hendry, on his knees at the fireplace, gingerly tore off the blades of dulse that were sticking to the tongs, and licked his singed fingers. "Whaur's yer mother?" he asked Leeby.

A fishwife from Finstone with a creel on her back, had given him all his hands could hold of the sea-weed called dulse, presumably not from its sweetness, although it is good eating. She had added to the gift a small crab, but that he had carried to the seashore and set free, because it was alive.