If, having done wrong, I go to Him contritely, and repent, He will give me a chance to amend my ways, and if I honestly strive to amend them, He will forgive." In short and perhaps because the word "Father" helped to mislead she had made for herself an image of God by exalting and magnifying all that she saw best in her parents.

He took Peter's hand, and then going to Harmony stood before her very erect. "I suppose I've said too much; I always do," he said contritely. "But you know the reason. Don't forget the reason, will you?" "I am only sorry." He bent over and kissed her hand lingeringly. It was a tragic moment for him, poor lad! He turned and went blindly out the door and down the dark stone staircase.

You really must think I'm awful!" cried the poor young man contritely. "I do beg your pardon, Mr. McRae. It really must have sounded shocking to you. But, well I did you ever meet a young any one whom you knew at first sight was the one person in all the world for you?" His voice sank.

"When I wish to be kissed," she said brazenly, "I usually find a way of letting men know it." "You are speaking heresies," he said slowly. "That is not true." "It is the truth, John Markham. But I did not choose your companionship for that purpose." "No, no, don't!" he pleaded contritely. "I've never thought that of you. We've had a code of our own, Hermia all our own.

You got my note!" "And tore it to fragments an hour since! I don't remember a word of it!" "But I meant it!" "You didn't!" "Let me go, please; I ought not to be here; I don't want to stay here." "You must stay until but you're trembling!" He dropped her hand and stood back contritely. "Have I scared you?" "Yes.... I don't know.... Good night." She turned, but didn't go.

At that, Cicily Hamilton forgot her petulance over the tumult, and smiled with the sweetness that was characteristic of her. "Really, you know," she confessed, almost contritely, "I don't like to lecture you in my own house; but we came together for a serious purpose, and you are just as rude as if you'd merely come to tea."

He apologized contritely. "But, after all, it proves my case," he said, "for I could not hurt you in this way, Grizel, if I were not a pretty well-grown specimen of a monster." "Don't," she said; but she did not seek to help him by drawing him away to other subjects, which would have been his way. "What is there monstrous," she asked, "in your being so good to Elspeth?

She was thus engaged, with pins in her mouth and the scissors hiding from her every time she wanted them, when Jean, red and flurried, abruptly entered the room. "There! I forgot to knock at the door again," Jean exclaimed, pausing contritely. "Never mind. Is it Rob Dow wanting the minister?" asked Margaret, who had seen Rob pass the manse dyke. "Na, he wasna wanting to see the minister."

Ann, too, was looking across the river at the girls who had given Miss Osborne right of way. Two very red spots burned in Ann's cheeks and her eyes, also, were feverish. "I suppose I shouldn't have spoken that way to your friend," she began, but less contritely than defiantly. Katie flushed. She had been prepared to understand and be kind.

She had much ado to keep pace with him. By and by she halted by a clump of willows and seated herself, announcing hypocritically that she was tired. He heard, and came back contritely. "I forgot," he said. "What has become of your crutch?" "I left it be'ind yesterday, in the boat. There wasn' no time to go back for it." "I am very sorry." Tilda's conscience smote her.