Last year I thought I should have lost her in a violent fit of the rheumatism, caught by going to work too soon after her lying-in, I fear; for 'tis but a bleak, coldish place, as you may see, sir, in winter, and sometimes the snow lies so long under the hill, that I can hardly make myself a path to get out and buy a few necessaries in the village; and we are afraid to send out the children, for fear they should be lost when the snow is deep.

"Not in this weather, surely," retorted Macnab, "and if I did feel coldish in the circumstances, couldn't I borrow Spooner's blanket-capote? it might fit me then, for I'd probably be a few sizes smaller." "Come, Mac," said I, "give us a song. You know I'm wildly fond of music; and, most unfortunately, not one of us three can sing a note."

Pity not being stirred, her admiration of the hero declared victorious, whose fortunes in uncertainty had stopped the beating of her heart, was eclipsed by gratitude toward his preserver, and a sentiment eclipsed becomes temporarily coldish, against our wish and our efforts, in a way to astonish; making her think that she cannot hold two sentiments at a time; when it is but the fact that she is unable to keep the two equally warm.

The horses will do first-rate here through the winter if the snow don't get too deep for them, and, anyhow, we can help them out with a bucket of gruel occasionally." "It will be awfully cold for them, though." "It will be coldish, no doubt, but Indian ponies are accustomed to it." "I should think, uncle, it would not take much trouble to make them a sort of shed up among the trees there."

She was about to say, 'I never knew you could speak! when a metallic voice that seemed to come from the ladle at the well remarked to the elm, 'I suppose it is a bit coldish up there? and the elm replied, 'Not particularly, but you do get numb standing so long on one leg, and he flapped his arms vigorously just as the cab-men do before they drive off.

He was like summer's morning sunlight, his warmth striking instantly through her blood dispersed any hesitating strangeness that sometimes gathers during absences, caused by girlish dread of a step to take, or shame at the step taken, when coldish gentlemen rather create these backflowings and gaps in the feelings.

"How d'ee do, Bellew?" cried Reginald Redding, as he drove into the stream of light, pulled up, and sprang from the sleigh. "Hearty, sir, hearty, thank 'ee," replied the outline, advancing and becoming a little more visible on the surface as he did so. "Hallo! Le Rue, how are 'ee? Glad to see you both. Step in. A good fire on a coldish night is cheery ain't it, Mister Redding?"

Marvel took a chair at the fire and proceeded to chafe his hands. "Paris, did you say? Coldish there, I suppose?" "Felt like snow this morning. By the way, I didn't get your note till my arrival here to-night." Marvel began to feel that things were shaping nicely. "I sent it as soon as I could, Mr. Bullard. Awful weather up there last night something ghastly.

From time to time the eye, travelling carefully with a certain disagreeable suddenly fear no longer distances of air, coldish and sweet, stopped upon the incredible clearness of the desolate, without-motion, Autumn.

"Do you think she would?" the man in uniform asked, and seemed to ponder. He looked up at the grey sky and shivered. "'Tis getting coldish. And the cloth this uniform is made from isn't the sort that keeps out cold weather. God knows I don't want to grumble at the uniform I wear for Jesus' sake, but me having been in the drapery, I can't help noticing when a thing is cheap."