"If they land me in the bug-house, they can write on your tombstone when you die, 'Hanna Long Burkhardt went stark raving mad crazy with hucking at home because I let her life get to be a machine from six-o'clock breakfast to eight-o'clock bed, and she went crazy from it. If that's any satisfaction to you, they can write that on your tombstone." He mopped his brow this time, clearing his throat.

He had been gone several minutes before the financier recovered full possession of his faculties. When he did, his remarks were brief and to the point. "Bug-house!" he gasped. "Abso-lutely bug-house!" Humor, if one looks into it, is principally a matter of retrospect. In after years John was wont to look back with amusement on the revolution which ejected him from the throne of his ancestors.

"What Abdulka? The one who lives in the mountains? The one who is not at peace with us? Abdul-Khan?" "The very man." "But he will take thee for a scout, he will place thee in the bug-house, or he will cut off thy head with that same sabre. And how wilt thou make thy way to him? They will seize thee immediately." "But I will go to him, nevertheless." "We bet that thou wilt not go!"

"If Searle showed you any such letter as that he wrote it him hold on, I wrote him for a grub-stake, fifty dollars at the most, but I haven't even seen a mine that any man would buy, that the other man would sell, and Searle sure got my first before I was bug-house from that wollop on the block." He put his hand to the sore spot on his head and rubbed it soothingly. Beth was pale.

Lone turned on him and struck the stirrup from his hand. "I think you better forget it," he said fiercely. "He's dead it can't help him any to " He stopped and pulled himself together. "Swan, you take a fool's advice and don't tell anybody else about feeling words talk in your head. They'll have you in the bug-house at Black-foot, sure as you live."

You know that yourself. He was too self-willed for the job." "James was a bonehead I give you that. Then there was Hollis." "The man was mad." "Well, he went a bit woozy towards the end. It's enough to make a man bug-house when he has to play a part from morning to night with a hundred guys all ready to set the coppers wise to him. But now there is Steiner "

An' as fer fixin' their clothes, an' bathing 'em, why, it 'ud set me feelin' that fulish you wouldn't know me from a patient in a bug-house. It makes me real mad, folks is allus astin' me to get busy doin' things. I'm that sick, the sight of a ha'f-washened kid 'ud turn my stummick to bile, an' set me cacklin' like a hen with a brood o' ducklings she can't no ways account fer.

All the mathematic sharps in the colleges have told us gamblers the same thing. They say that roulette itself is the system, the one and only system, and, therefore, that no system can beat it, for that would mean arithmetic has gone bug-house." Shorty nodded his head violently. "If a system can beat a system, then there's no such thing as system," the gambler went on.

"I might look around in there while I'm waiting for his Majesty t' change. Did y'ever hear th' likes? Bug-house." "But he pays a hundred the day, Haggerty. I'll let you privately into Lord Monckton's suite. But you'll waste your time." "Sure he left this morning?" "I'll phone the office and make sure. . . . Lord Monckton left shortly after midnight. His man followed early this morning.

The general opinion expressed out of Minky's hearing, of course, but to the accompaniment of deep libations of his most execrable whisky was that, personally, that astute trader was, for some unaccountable reason, rapidly qualifying for the "bug-house," and that the only thing due from them was to display their loyalty to him by humoring him to the extent of discounting all the "dust" they could lay hands on, and wishing him well out of the trouble he seemed bent on laying up for himself.