The earth had been covered with frost, now melting into dewdrops in the sun, whose ruddy rays fell aslant across the pale grass; there was a faint crisp resonance in the air; the voices of the labourers in the garden reached us clearly and distinctly. Avenir wore an old Bokhara dressing-gown; a green neckerchief threw a deathly hue over his terribly sunken face.

"'Bon repos, M. le Marquis! beaux reves, et bel avenir." "'Bel avenir!" murmured the young man, bitterly, leaning his cheek on his hand; "what fortune fairer than the present can be mine? yet inaction in youth is more keenly felt than in age. How lightly I should endure poverty if it brought poverty's ennobling companion, Labour, denied to me!

Ces tristesses sont dues a la pensee que je fais si peu, et que, avec plus de forces je ferais tant et si bien! Avec la force je serais sur maintenant de reussir pleinement. Je tiens la reputation par un petit bout, mais je la tiens, et elle augmentera. Tout me prouve que notre avenir serait assure si j'avais autant de force que de volonte." "Dimanche.

'But can't we, I thought, looking at his wasted face, 'get him away from here? Perhaps there may still be a chance of curing him. But Avenir cut short my suggestion. 'No, brother, thanks, he said; 'it makes no difference where one dies. I shan't live till the winter, you see.... Why give trouble for nothing? I'm used to this house. It's true the people... 'They're unkind, eh? I put in.

Your Queen is young; she has an avenir. Aberdeen and Sir Peel will never give her this advice; their habits are formed. They are too old, too rusés. But, you see! the greatest empire that ever existed; besides which she gets rid of the embarrassment of her Chambers! And quite practicable; for the only difficult part, the conquest of India, which baffled Alexander, is all done!

He has opened the 'Bourse' and said, 'There, I give you employment, resource, an 'avenir. He has cleared the byways into commerce and trade, and opened new avenues of wealth to the noblesse, whom the great Revolution so unwisely beggared. What other way to rebuild a 'noblesse' in France, and give it a chance of power be side an access to fortune?

Avenir nodded his head approvingly, raised his eyebrows, smiled, and whispered: 'I see! I see! ah, that's splendid! splendid!... The childish curiosity of this poor, dying, homeless outcast, moved me, I confess, to tears.

But, oh, the loneliness, the insufferable slavery of a tutor's lot! the impossibility of escape, the endless autumns and winters, the ever-advancing disease!... Poor, poor Avenir! I paid Sorokoumov a visit not long before his death. He was then hardly able to walk.

Ce n'est pas, croyez le bien, Monsieur, ce n'est pas ici pour nous une question d'interet personnel, c'est une question d'affection; vous me pardonnerez si nous vous parlons de vos enfants, si nous nous occupons de leur avenir, comme si elles faisaient partie de notre famille; leurs qualites personnelles, leur bon vouloir, leur zele extreme sont les seules causes qui nous poussent a nous hasarder de la sorte.

A force de logique on tend a remplacer le gouvernement pondere de l'Angleterre par ce que nous appelons le gouvernement conventionnel, c'est a dire le despotisme d'une Assemblee unique appuyee sur la brutale loi du nombre. Que Dieu vous garde d'un tel avenir. C'est le voeu d'un ami sincere de vos institutions.