By the time Quigg could open the door, a half dozen flushed persons were ready to step in, and did so, brushing him aside. More than a score of others followed, and all plunged pell mell into the presence of Mr. Whedell and daughter. "Here we are, Mr. Whedell, by appintment," said the spokesman of the party, Rickarts, the shoemaker. "I see you are," responded the placid Whedell.

"I am a-thinking you will be chief cook and bottle-washer at that sarching, for the appintment is at hand. Don't you hear Pilot baying the cunstable?" She sank into her rocking-chair, picked up a gray yarn sock, and began to knit unconcernedly; but in a significant tone, she added, nodding her head: "Hold your own hand, Bedney; don't be pestered about mine. I'll hoe my row; you 'tend to yourn."

I said, "Oh, HADN'T I?" Then a sudden thought flasht over me. "I have it!" I said. "When the Prince walks through a street, he no doubt looks at the shop windows." The man said, "No doubt." "And the enterprisin tradesman," I continnerd, "the moment the Prince gets out of sight, rushes frantically and has a tin sign painted, By Appintment, H.R.H.! It is a beautiful, a great idee!"

"I'll tell yer," spoke Zibe Turner, and his monkeyish face lit up with a smile almost diabolical and his piercing black eyes shot a keen and excited look into the group, "I hearn that he has an appintment next Chewsday night at de top of Bald Knob, and to go there from his home he will have to take de Pigeon Crick road, cross de crick at Farley's and then branch off inter de big woods before he climbs de knob.

We were trekking up country before the second Kaffir war. Made an appintment could not go orderly duty so sent a trusty man to tell her. He was found next day with twenty assegais in his body. She was a decoy duck, bedad, and the whole thing a plant." "Mein Gott!" Von Baumser ejaculated. "What a life you have led!

I went into a shoe shop to make a purchis, and as I entered I saw over the door those dear familiar words, "By Appintment: H.R.H.;" and I said to the man, "Squire, excuse me, but this is too much. I have seen in London four hundred boot and shoe shops by Appintment: H.R.H.; and now YOU'RE at it. It is simply onpossible that the Prince can wear 400 pairs of boots.

Don't tell me," I said, in a voice choked with emotion "Oh, do not tell me that you also make boots for him. Say slippers say that you mend a boot now and then for him; but do not tell me that you make 'em reg'lar for him." The man smilt, and said I didn't understand these things. He said I perhaps had not noticed in London that dealers in all sorts of articles was By Appintment.

Red-skins ain't got many virtues, least there ain't many of them has, though I have known some you could trust all round as ready as any white man, but for keeping an appintment they licks creation." A few minutes before twelve o'clock three Indians were seen coming down the valley on horseback.

And glad I was to have him quick about it; for he might have redooced me to such a condition ay, and I believe a' would, too, if onst a' had caught sight of me as the parish might 'a had to fight over the appintment of another sexton. And so at last a' went away. And I were that stiff with scrooging in this cornder " "Is that all? Oh, that comes to nothing. Surely you must have more to tell me?