"I had a letter," said Reuben, "but I can't think it was meant for me. Perhaps I ought to have spoken first to you, sir, but I wrote to Miss Ruth yesterday " There he paused, asking himself how to put this altogether sacred thing into words. "Didst now?" asked Fuller, unctuously enjoying the young man's discomfort. "What might it ha' been about?"

"I hope I fervently trust that God will support you in your bereavement," he said, unctuously "I had intended before leaving to offer up a prayer with you for the soul of the departed and for your own soul but the sad fact of your being unbaptised places me in a difficulty. But I shall not fail personally to ask our Lord to prepare you for the unfortunate change in your lot!"

He who sermonized thus unctuously and with eyes fixed with stern disapproval on the buxom wench before him, was a man who had passed the meridian of life not altogether it may be surmised without having indulged in some recreations which had not always the sanctification of his own immortal soul for their primary object.

"And de goose dey'd picked out fo' dat Christmas dinner sho' was a noble bird ya-as'm! Dere was an army ob geese aroun' de pond, but de one dey'd shet up fo' two weeks, an' fed soft fodder to wid er spoon, was de noblest ob de ban'," said Uncle Rufus, unctuously. "Well, dar warn't time tuh send on to Richmon' fo' a sho' 'nuff cook, an' de dinnah pahty was gaddered togedder.

Grouch again called, and Holmes received him courteously. "Well, Mr. Holmes," Grouch observed, unctuously, rubbing his hands together, "it was a nice job, neatly done. It saved the day for me. Wilbraham was satisfied, and has given me a whole year to make good the loss. My reputation is saved, and " "Excuse me, Mr. Blank or Grouch er to what do you refer?" asked Holmes.

Kuni timidly asked the price of an indulgence, but the Dominican unctuously explained that they were not sold like penny rolls at the baker's; the heavier the sin, the higher the fine to be paid. First of all, she must confess sincere contrition for what had been done and inform him how, in spite of her youth, she had been led into such heinous guilt.

Heron, unctuously, "we will take her in as a lamb gathered into the fold, as a brand is plucked from the burning." Ida looked at him half stupefied, and it is to be feared some doubts of his sanity arose in her mind. "Quite so, quite so," interrupted Mr. Wordley again. "Then I think the sooner Miss Ida joins you the better; and I would suggest that she goes with you to-morrow.

Vassili and his sister the marquise a stout lady in ruby velvet and amethysts, who invariably caused Maggie Delafield's mouth to twitch whenever she opened her own during the evening received the guests in the drawing-room. They were standing on the white fur hearth-rug side by side, when the doors were dramatically thrown open, and the servant rolled the names unctuously over his tongue.

Then she unctuously read me a longer item from another column which was signed "The Lounger in the Lobby": "Mr. Benjamin P. Sutton, the wealthy capitalist of Nome, Alaska, and a prince of good fellows, is again in our midst for his annual visit to His Honour Alonzo Price, Red Gap's present mayor, of whom he is an old-time friend and associate. Mr.

The gloomy mystery of the London river claimed them and imposed silence upon them, until familiar landmarks told of the northern bend of the Thames, and the light above the Lavender Pond shone out upon the unctuously moving water. Each pulling a scull they headed in for the left bank. "There's a wharf ahead," said Seton, looking back over his shoulder.