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The abbot wondered much, knowing by common report Torello to be a youth of most incorrect life, to see him thus kneeling in contrition before him, and endeavoured, together with the monks, to persuade him to take their habit of St. John Gualberto.

Suppose contrition and remorse induce the sufferer to pray for Divine aid and mercy, suppose suffering is the natural penalty of his or her own misdeeds, and suppose the contrition and the prayer lead to resistance of similar temptations, and hence to greater happiness, can it be said that the power to resist temptation or endure the penalty are due to supernatural aid?

'If you are really sorry for what you did, you will be forgiven, said the nun. This produced an immediate effect: the sobbing subsided, the tears ceased to flow, and the Princess repeated the Act of Contrition in a low voice; then she folded her hands and waited in silence.

From this book, with its recurring contempt for England, you may see what value we need have attached to much that the assured and the violent ever had to tell us about our Empire. If this publication is, indeed, an act of contrition for words unwisely written, then it should be read as a warning by all who write.

Drake," said Half-past Full, sweating with his effort, "we were sorry while we was a-fogging you up." "Yes," said Drake. "You must have been just overcome by contrition." A large laugh went up from the visitors, and the meal was finished without further diplomacy. "One matter, Mr. Drake," stammered Half-past Full, as the party rose. "Our jobs.

His face was wrinkled in official smiles, and he gave the travellers a hearty good afternoon. "Can we stop here for the night?" Dickson asked. The landlord looked sharply at him, and then replied to Mr. Heritage. His expression passed from official bonhomie to official contrition. "Impossible, gentlemen. Quite impossible.... Ye couldn't have come at a worse time.

He held her cold feet in his hands to warm them. Then he stooped down and laid his face against them and kissed them. And she heard again his low, tender moan, and took it for a cry of contrition. He rose from his knees and laid his hand on her shoulder.

"As soon as my uncle's death was known at home, Richard wrote the most pathetic letter to me, professing deep contrition, and saying he could never forgive himself for having quarrelled with his dear uncle. He had a sad tale of how the business that he had started had failed and left him with debts. If he had only a few hundred dollars, he could go on with it and pay off everything.

Kuni timidly asked the price of an indulgence, but the Dominican unctuously explained that they were not sold like penny rolls at the baker's; the heavier the sin, the higher the fine to be paid. First of all, she must confess sincere contrition for what had been done and inform him how, in spite of her youth, she had been led into such heinous guilt.

They had bidden each other an amicable good-night on the stairs. Mrs. Betty had a scolding the next morning, when she came to wait on her mistress, from the closet adjoining Lady Maria's apartment, in which Betty lay. She owned, with contrition, her partiality for rum-punch, which Mr. Gumbo had the knack of brewing most delicate.

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