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Thinks I that air aint very cool, I guess, and druv on. I want the editers to cum to my Show free as the flours of May, but I don't want um to ride a free hoss to deth. Thare is times when Patience seizes to be virtoous. They cum in krowds to my Show and then axt me ten sents a line for Puffs.

He was prety down on his Luck I thort and acted Blue. I see her name in the Newspaper about evry day. "He said give you his Regards and tell you you was a dam lukky Man." Captain Dan's chuckle developed into a hearty laugh. He sympathized with and understood the feelings of B. Phelps. "He has sold his summer Plase at Trumet," the letter went on. "Mrs. Black don't want to come thare no more.

Thare ware also severeil animils thare, thare was, tho I don't know whether they belonged to him, as they was scattered thro the ordgunce, and was boysterous to a degre yis, two degrese.

For thydur lasteth hys Lordschup. And the Lordes of Tartarye yeldeth unto the grete Chan trybute. Thys ys a ful ille lande, and a sondye, and wel lytel fruyt beryng. For thare groweth lytel goude of corne or wyn, ne benes ne pese: but beestes ben thare y nowe, and that ful grete plente.

"Begorrah!" cried Mick, who stood near me in the fore-chains, ready with a rope to chuck down into the little craft as we surged alongside it, as indeed were several others also, like prepared, forwards; "they've bin havin' a divvle ov a row, or foightin', or somethin', sure; fur Tom, look thare, me bhoy can't ye say some soords or a pair of cutlashes or somethin' like 'em oonder the afther-thwart theer?"

Didn’t thare used to be a spring ’tween here’n town?” “Goodness sakes! Randy! Where’d you come from? Water! Jes’ help yourself. There’s the bucket jes’ from the spring five minutes since, an’ there’s the gourd hanging up on the wall. I can’t get up, I’m that busy. Twelve to dinner to-day, an’ only me to do the cookin’. ’Melia she’s got to be upstairs helpin’ at the bar.”

And thys ys the beest cytee of the kyngdom of Surrye. And from Antyoche, men moten so forth goon un to the cytee of Lacuthe; and thanne un to Geble; and thanne un tyl Tourtous: and thare by ys the lande of Cambre, whare that ys a stronge castelle, that men clepen Maubeke. And from Tourtouse men goon up to Thryple, uppon the see.

And if they should not be peaceably disposed, we shall have better command of the situation than they. "They approached the skerry, and lowering their sail, cast anchor and launched a second small boat, which they had brought with them. Tyrker inquired who was the leader of the party. He replied that his name was Thare, and that he was a Norwegian. 'But what is thy name? Leif gave his name.

I'm gittin along well in a pecunery pint of view. The College has konfired upon me the honery title of T.K., of which I'm suffishuntly prowd. Thare was many affectin ties which made me hanker arter Betsy Jane. Altho I hankerd intensly arter the objeck of my affecshuns, I darsunt tell her of the fires which was rajin in my manly Buzzum.

Having discharged his cargo, Leif invited Thare, with his wife, Gudrid, and three others to make their home with him, and procured quarters for the other members of the crew, both for his own and Thare's men. Leif rescued fifteen men from the skerry. He was from that time forth called Leif the Lucky."

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