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"I don't see why I should explain that to you unless you are in charge. You are Hys, aren't you?" The driver gave an angry sound, and then was silent while he drove. Finally he asked, "What makes you think that?" "Call it a hunch. You don't act very much like a sand-car driver, for one thing. Of course your army may be all generals and no privates but I doubt it.

Only now the tape was torn and mixed with all the others, the brain that could have analyzed it dead. Brion looked at the dangling entrails of the radio and spun for the door. Running swiftly and erratically, he fled from the sand car. His own survival and the possible survival of Dis depended on his not being seen near it. He must contact Hys and pass on the information.

"Hys," Brion called out, "you translate all that into Disan and explain to Ulv. I wouldn't dare." Dis was a floating golden ball, looking like a schoolroom globe in space. No clouds obscured its surface, and from this distance it seemed warm and attractive set against the cold darkness. Brion almost wished he were back there now, as he sat shivering inside the heavy coat.

On it was inscribed in old English characters of unknown date the words: 'Shulde this Ston stalen bee, Or shuld it chaunges dre, The Houss of Sawl and hys Hed anoon shal de.

What do you want the body for?" "We're going to cut it open and take a good long look. I don't think the magter are human. They are something living among men and disguised as men but still not human." "Secret aliens?" Hys exploded the words in a mixture of surprise and disgust. "Perhaps. The examination will tell us that." "You're either stupid or incompetent," Hys said bitterly.

Then home he came unto our queene, the fyrst year of her raigne, And byshop was of Hereford, where he doth now remaine; And where hee hath by enemyes oft, and by false slanderous tongues, Had troubles great, without desert, to hys continuall wronges. He married a sister of the wife of Archbishop Parker, and before his election to Hereford was treasurer of St. Paul’s and Dean of Windsor.

He had been half napping in the chair, taking the opportunity for some rest before the attack. "I'm still looking for a way to avert the end." "You and Hys," Telt said with satisfaction. "Couple of idealists. Trying to stop a war you didn't start. They never would listen to Hys. He told them in the beginning exactly what would happen, and he was right.

Tomlins did spring vpp mch above ye floore, and with terrible force strike hys hand against ye wall; and also, to ye great wonder of all, prophanlie exclaim in a loud voice, curse ye wood-chuck, he dreaming so it seemed yt a wood-chuck had seized and bit his hand. But on coming to know where he was, and ye greate scandall he had committed, he seemed much abashed, but did not speak.

"I am ycleped J. Keyser I was born at Spring, hys Garden, My father toe make me ane clerke erst did essaye, But a fico for ye offis I spurn ye losels offeire; For I fain would be ane butcher by'r ladykin alwaye." Flash-in-the-Pan drew a pistol from his belt, and bidding some one gag Malmsey Butt with the stock of it, proceeded to read from a portentous roll of parchment that he held in his hand.

One early minister "did not love sleepers in ye meeting-house, and would stop short in ye exercise and call pleasantlie to wake ye sleepers, and once of a warm Summer afternoon he did take hys hat off from ye pegg in ye beam, and put it on, saying he would go home and feed his fowles and come back again, and maybe their sleepe would be ended, and they readie to hear ye remainder of hys discourse."

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